QUITTING is not an option

mjterp Posts: 655 Member
This is lifestlye change...this is PERMANENT change, not a diet.
My dad told me once "losing the weight is EASY. It's keeping it off that's hard." (He lost over 160 pounds at least three times in his life so far)
Because of that comment, I decided that MY goal is going to be maintenance of a healthy weight!

Today I had a bit of an epiphany. While I have had the quote from Batman on my profile since the beginning (Why do we fall? see my proflie), I realized that a HUGE part of the reason it is so hard to come back from "quitting" or feeling like we are starting over AGAIN is the mindset of failure.

SO...next time you find yourself in that spot...whether a coworker brought in sweets to the office or your son opted not to finish his take out enchiladas while you were feeling weak and a bit hungry just before going to bed...(yes, that was me lastnight) YOU DIDN"T FAIL...

....you just took a brief vacation!

much easier to come back from a vacation than from quitting!
Enjoy your vacation...but then come right back to the real world! Too much sun isn't good for you! ;-)