What can I do about loose skin?

So I've lost 50+ lbs and I like how I'm looking except for the loose skin. I notice it around my knees, my thighs and belly. It's just gross and I don't know if it will go away on it's own. I'm 38 and I've heard it usually goes away for younger people. But I'm worried.


  • keep your body hydrated by drinking water. If you drink coffee reduce the intake. If you smoke it is best to stop. Avoid hot showers and bath. Keep you skin hydrated with a cream, dont bother buying miracle creams. Exfoliate your skin.

    It might take a long time before you see some improvement and it might be also that there is still some fatty tissue where you see it the most. Also toning exercises will build muscle under ghe skin and help ghe general look of it.
  • sexymamadraeger
    sexymamadraeger Posts: 239 Member
    Good ideas. I've only drunk water for the last 2 months and I don't smoke. I wondered about exfoliating. Does that really help? I lift weights now which I'm hoping will make a difference.