My breakfast calories - ramadhan day 1


I will be keeping my first fast for ramadhan this year, I was just
Browsing my foods to see what I might have for brekkie and pre log it now. My total is 431 calories if I go with what I am thinking to. My usual breakfast when not fasting is usually between 250-300 calories.
I will have 869 calories for when I break my fast buy again I am just concerned if that is too many calories allocated to breakfast .
I won't be exercising so no calories will be earned.

My dinner is usually 300-400 and I always have some left for a treat.

Do you think these amounts are right? Should I adjust something somewhere?


  • lisalsd1
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    Personally...if I had to fast during the day, I would eat the majority of my calories in the morning. I eat most of my calories before noon on a normal day anyway (probably 1000-1200 with about 500-700 left for dinner/snack). I do also workout from 9-11ish.

    I've found that the more protein/fat I eat in the morning the longer I feel full.
  • pinkraynedropjacki
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    Why dont you just save them all for dinner?
  • umer76
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    My daily calories goal is 2000 and I am planning to keep my breakfast within 800 cals. I will keep remaining calories around 1200 for breaking the fast. Main target is to stay within the target calories. I will try to keep the mango milkshake to the minimum level and no fried foods.
  • Yanicka1
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    Well if it is your first time, you will probably have to experiment to see what work for you. Try it that way and monitor how you feel.

    Good luck
  • AZ0310
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    I always go with protein for breakfast in ramadan and try to drink 2-3 glasses of water. The first couple of days are a bit of an adjustment. Just see what works for you.
  • Redribbon73
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    It is my first ramadhan where I am counting my calories only. I just tweaked my brekkie log in again, I know it will be filling enough and I do want to save enough for breaking my fast. Yes the first few days will be trial and error I suppose to see what works.

    I will be staying g away from fried food anyway but I will be preparing all those snacks for the family.

    Apparently 5 pakoras is 225 calories!!!!!! Ppppffft