not new but its been months and i shouldnt have left

Owlie45 Posts: 806 Member
I joined quite a ways back and lost almost thirty pounds. I felt amazing but sadly fell of the wagon for months now, maybe longer, probably longer. Down played my gains untilI gained it all back.

Sadly during this time my families heriditry stomach issue has kicked in. Healthy things like salads, which i enjoyed and never stopped eating, rip my stomach apart now. I was hoping it was because I didn't eat well for a long time but it does this all the time, even when I have a little bit.

Have have also broken my pinky toe bone. The part in the middle of the foot. Ive been laid up for two weeks, which is normal for any size when you break it but because of my size I can not walk on it at all until its completely healed. So I'm looking at another 4 to even 6 weeks of nothing. And getting around on crutches was a true eye opener of how badly I'm out of shape.

Getting it out there helps push me to start again.

If you can help with exercise ideas that I can do while I'm down that would be wonderful.