Scale not moving.

secwife47 Posts: 29 Member
Well it seem like its been a while since ive lost any weight. This morning I woke up and my hand was numb I started to shake it back to life. My wedding rings flew across the room. I also can pull most of my shorts off without unzipping them. I don't think ive gotton any more muscle. But my clothes are getting bigger. The scale has got me flustered, but I guess if my clothes are getting bigger, im going in the right direction. Everyone have a great 4th!


  • kisseso3
    kisseso3 Posts: 36
    Have you tried measuring? It might be a better way to keep track if the scale is being a cad.
  • dianasustaita37
    dianasustaita37 Posts: 58 Member
    Take pics once a week.. Maybe it will help..Sounds like your definitely making good progress. I broke up with my scale along time ago.. :p:)
  • AsaThorsWoman
    AsaThorsWoman Posts: 2,303 Member
    I can so, so relate.

    NSV one of my tighter bras feels absolutely great on me today despite the fact that I'm still the same weight I have been for officially 7 months now?!?!

    I went from size 16-12 all in the 180's.

    180's in January, still in the 180's.

    But I'm glad I can wear this bra a lot again.

    It's the convertible kind that you can move the straps around all weird.
  • Geloza
    Geloza Posts: 315 Member
    Track your measurements. :smile:

    The scale had not budged for me at all for a few weeks but my measurements proved otherwise. I had still lost a half inch off my hips and waist! I'm doing free weights as well so the muscle that I'm building in lieu of lost fat is keeping the scale moving very slow, if at all sometimes.

    Don't stress about it, the scale is not the only piece of the pie! Good luck :heart:
  • aem91409
    aem91409 Posts: 137 Member
    Measurements and pictures monthly! Works wonders when your feeling discouraged :happy:
  • kittenkris
    kittenkris Posts: 112
    I have been having the same problem. The first 10 days back to MFP I GAINED weight! I had to start thinking...I had previously been sick and rapidly lost about 7 pounds so gaining 3 back was a victory because I didn't gain it all back. Now FINALLY I dropped those 3 and I am back down to where I started about three weeks ago. My clothes, however, are fitting a lot better....I can even wear things I couldn't when I started. I can also see and feel a difference on my body. This has to be a life time change so I know I have to be patient. It can be done. Be patient and the scale will budge eventually!
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