stomach virus and exercise

So the 2 don't really go together. I got over a stomach virus a few days ago but I still have lingering symptoms if you know what I mean. (TMI) I haven't started exercising again, but I know I should be soon. How long do you wait after being sick? Do you try to get going as soon as possible or do you give yourself extra time to rest?


  • cara4fit
    cara4fit Posts: 111 Member
    Give yourself a bit more time - your workouts will be waiting for you when you're completely better!:) Your body is still reeling a bit. Often, after such an illness, depending on how bad it was, it can take a week or two before one feels completely right. Feel much better soon!:)
  • accelerashawn
    accelerashawn Posts: 470 Member
    You end up having a poor quality workout if you don't feel 100%. Some extra days of recovery won't hurt your overall goal. If you feel like you want to and feel like you can, then try doing something light and easy for the first day and if that goes well, get back at it the next day.

    Just make sure you give your body a chance to recover from the illness otherwise you can prolong the symptoms.