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Just wanted to share my story and hopefully encourage some people on MFP. …

It's almost been one year that I have started this weight loss journey. I work a full time DESK job, married and have a 2 year old daughter. Within two years of this change, I got married, lost a home, a job, my father, my siblings and mother moved out of state, had a baby girl in or around this order. That being said, Life happened. I gained weight. Ate unhealthy and didn’t' take care of myself. I noticed I needed to make a change on my daughters 1st birthday. It hurt to not have my father with us, (he passed at only 63 years young) So I made the change. I started with walking every day. To walking faster & further, jogging for as long as I could back to a walk. Every day I got a little further and was able to run a little more. I wanted to give up at times for sure. To see the scale start to drop with just this small change, encouraged me. So I educated myself on how to eat. I failed many times and I noticed a lot of false information out there as well. So here I am MONTHS into eating better and being active I drop 15lbs. WOW how fantastic! Let's try for more. So I push harder than ever. Every day I run, walk, swim, play... anything I can do to get me healthy. 20lbs gone, I noticed a new person in the mirror. What else can I do? I see the forbidden place every day at the gym, Where tone beautiful looking people always are. I finally brave it. I feel odd and scared here, but I want it bad enough I keep making myself hit that floor every day. I learn more and more. Inches now disappearing along with weight. I strike a passion, a new found love for this pain. One that hurts so good and makes me feel invincible instead of invisible.

I started with a very small change, determination, a want to and discipline.

The point is, I started and I did not and refuse to give up.
You can reach any goal you put you mind to

You just have to WANT to



I can not post pictures from work, but feel free to look at them in my profile.


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