NSV today!

loriemn Posts: 292 Member
went over t the in-laws to bale hay,in old jeans,boots, a tank top and a dew rag on my head,,my MIL says to me,,"your so beautiful!"..I laughed and said,"good thing I look good to get all dirty and stinky" but I appreciated it!


  • mhoeff1
    mhoeff1 Posts: 163 Member
    Thats a great nsv!!! way to keep you motivated lol keep it up youll keep wowwing them congrats!
  • NessaR2011
    NessaR2011 Posts: 184 Member
    Awesome NSV!! I just posted this one on my profile so I'll C&P here. I'm pretty excited about it!
    So, I know on my profile that I say I've been big pretty much all my life and I wasn't kidding. A few days ago I found a shirt that I think I kept for memory sake? I wore it after my 6th grade graduation to get ice cream with my dad. I know this because there's still a small chocolate stain on it. So, of course I had to try on this shirt that I stopped wearing after that night because it got too tight. It's now baggy. I slept in it last night. This shirt is roughly 20 years old. I am smaller now than I was 20 years ago. How's that for an eye opener!
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