Butt and Thigh Challenge

I found this the other day and I'm going to do the 30 day challenge.

Anyone else who is interested let me know... we'll do the challenge starting tomorrow. We'll go a little into August with our 30 days but who cares?

Who is in?


PS. Can't figure out how to hyperlink... just cut and paste for now :)


  • CrescentCityGirl
    CrescentCityGirl Posts: 129 Member
    I'm totally in, will just have to figure out how to remember to do these. Maybe when I get back from the gym???
  • carmenvlopez
    carmenvlopez Posts: 1 Member
    I am In, just want I need....some lower body work!
  • amy_lynn_522
    amy_lynn_522 Posts: 55 Member
    We're doing them in the morning. Just getting up a bit earlier. We run at night and I think it would be a bit much to put together right now...