todays NSV! horse people will get it!

loriemn Posts: 292 Member
was in my first game show in 25 years today,on my trail gelding that has never been in an arena ever! and out of 7 people in my class I brought home one 2nd place,2 3rds and a horse is 10 years old,and was like,"I have no idea what we are doing in here but I will do it because you told me to"..I was so proud of him! and in my 14 inch barrel saddle,,he may not have been the fastest but damn! he was the best dressed!


  • tuckeychicken
    tuckeychicken Posts: 167 Member
    That's fantastic! Congrats to you and your horse. Sounds like lots of fun. It's nice to hear fun stories like that and interesting too. Please accept this cartoon flower he he he :flowerforyou:
  • aimeealee
    aimeealee Posts: 36 Member
    woohoo!! lot's of fun!
  • EasyKeeper8
    EasyKeeper8 Posts: 66 Member
    Awesome! What a feeling! And that 14" saddle size isn't lost on me! Great job! :)
  • loriemn
    loriemn Posts: 292 Member
    thanks guys,,now I am sending my new horse to trainer next week,,she is going to be my new barrel horse!
  • misschoppo
    misschoppo Posts: 463 Member
    Sound like an awesome day :-D
  • RekindledRose
    RekindledRose Posts: 523 Member
    14" saddle? That's pretty awesome right there!

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