Anyone work the night shift??

Hey guys! Looking for some friends who live the difficult night shift life as I do. Please feel free to add me because it's hard for "day" people to understand the journey for those who lead opposite schedules


  • I work 2nd shift but I am mostly up during the night. Once I get home at midnight, that is mostly when my day begins (watching tv etc). I had plenty of jobs that I had to work 3rd shift and it is really hard to not snack before bed and even exercise when its dark outside lol :)
  • OhhNiff
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    I work 11pm - 7am Thursday through Sunday.

    Is it Sunday night yet?
  • 1973mikeg
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    I all so work the night shift. I work 11 pm to 7:30 am. Friday through Tuesday.
  • k_shooshooter
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    I work night shift too. Tuesday-Saturday 11pm-7am (if I'm lucky)

    I work at a hotel...I've been pushing for the day or evening shifts just to help be more on track.

    Add away!! :smile:
  • DamieAnne
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    I work on a rota, so i will be on nights about 1 week of the month. This month i have two sets (10pm-8am) monday-friday - my first set starting tomorrow!

    Feel free to add me - and i would appreciate any help regarding food on nights! I generally end up grazing all the way through on biscuits or crisps, so i'm trying to think of other things...
  • chicago775
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    7 nights a week i work grave yeard with my patient.
    Im bored to death everyone who cares about my sanity please message me lol
  • nutmegoreo
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    I'm working 12 hour nights over the weekends during in the summer. I had worked full-time 12 hr nights for years up until last summer when a neck injury changed the path of my career. In September I will be teaching. So if you are open to someone who understands, but may not be with you on this for long (the night shifts, not the weight loss journey, I will be here for a while on that one), and you can handle seeing the cake and fast food in my diary, feel free to add me.
  • corksterfl87
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    Anyone on here have any advice about eating after work? I work mostly 2nd shift. So around midnight when I get home I want to eat!! Its hard to stay out of the kitchen. Help please??
  • I work from 5pm-5am Monday-Thursday. My days and nights are always mixed up. I am used to the struggles of night shift! Feel free to add me. :)