Looking for good meal replacement brands

I work in an office, and get very little time for exercise. I'm looking to replace lunch each day with a shake of some sort and walk for 30 minutes while drink it. What are some good brands (I'm aiming for weight-loss btw)? I've tried a few shakes in the past that I really didn't like. Celebrity slim had a chemical after taste, and herbalife made me feel really sick. What do you use? Is it tastey, and does it do what you want it to?


  • simonkurth
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    Hi Laura,
    I don't really replace a meal but I use Shakeology for a nutritional shake. Works really well for me. Good luck
  • ebbingfat
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    Honestly, I would personally recommend just making a green smoothie. 40% green vegetables, 60% fruits is a good balance to make sure it has a good flavor and doesn't just taste like blended spinach. It'll be tasty, and packed full of nutrients. Even more so if you add things like protein powder. In my opinion, that would likely be healthier (and cheaper) in the long run than meal replacement shakes.

    Just throw stuff in a blender, and then put it in bottles or mason jars. They're super easy to bring to work, and surprisingly filling.
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    Why not eat breakfast and dinner and skip lunch?
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    Why not eat breakfast and dinner and skip lunch?


    Eat food