40 Something Success Stories?



  • I_need_moar_musclez
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    I turned 40 this year. Progress since 2010 (had to stop training after a car crash so progress has been slow.) Gone from 225 to 164.
  • Nelly6170
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    Now 44. Started this almost two years ago. Started at 164.5 and now at 135. Would like to lose 5 more. For me, it has really been a case of Eat Less, Move More. Making better food choices along the way. Decreased the amount of Coke I was drinking all the time. But have never deprived myself of anything or everything. Read a great book ---- Eat Sleep Move by Roth (I think) I don't subscribe to all of what he writes, but it changed some of my thinking, especially,asking myself if what I'm about to eat is really worth it and what will it really do for me? I am definitely more fit in my 40s than I was in my 30s. It can be done!
  • Gawanne
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    I think all you people are marvellous and well done. Me not so spectacular, I've lost 12 of the 18 I need to lose to get to the weight I was at in my late twenties. However, I am 78 years old and I feel great. No more aching knees. Not a trace of arthritis. I walk for 1 hour each day in two sessions. To be honest I feel as I've always done. It's the quality of life that counts at this age. My inspiration, much loved friends and family who are gone, some far too early, and not wanting to join my much loved remaining friends in senior homes or with hip replacements.
  • stananvik
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    I'm not sure if this qualifies or not but...what the heck.

    I've lost 34 lbs in 60 days since May 12th. Plan losing another 100+ lbs before I start maintenance.

    Oh and I'm 49 (50 in less than a month!)
  • gmoneycole
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    <<< I lost 55 pounds in 8 months just living a healthy lifestyle. Eat healthier, smaller meals, workout more.

    Good luck!
  • RunningForeverMama
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    I'm fitter and thinner than I've ever been in my adult life (since I got pregnant for the second time at 20). I feel more healthy and beautiful than I ever did in my 20s and especially 30s. I have a before/after in my profile pictures. :happy: It's never too late! :wink:
  • Karabobarra
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    I was 43 and 249 pounds when I started, I lost close to 80 pounds within the first year by just eating clean and working out. Then life happened and I gained some of it back but I am currently 5'7" 180 pounds and wear a size 9 jeans and a small to medium top. I am now 46 and just beginning my adventure into weight training.

    I have found it more difficult to lose weight once I hit 45 so get moving! Lol
  • sevsmom
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    I'm rolling up on 43 in Sept. In March 2011 I decided to take my 168 lbs and shoot to be 140 by my 40th bday. 6 months....28 lbs....no problem. Well, I got *close* but couldn't get below 146ish. It took unitl March 2012 to reach my 140 goal. Then I lost a bit more, and now I'm back in the low 140s. It sounds like a lot for 5'5", but I wear a size 6 and am very healthy. Most folks guess I'm in the upper 120s or low 130s.

    I took up distance running in that time and now I routine place in the top 3 in my age group at races...half marthons excepted. I'm usually in the top 20 in half marathons (although I did win my age group at one this spring).

    So, you can get fit and stay fit after 40. It may not come as easily as it once did in life, but if you are determined, you'll figure out what works for you!!

    Best wishes!
  • civilizedworm
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    I'm 43 and only 4 months back into my routine. If it wasn't for weight training I did in the past and a pretty solid diet through all those breaks, I would be in worse shape than I am now. Weight training has definitely added to my overall quality of life. Without a doubt.

    To me, that's success.
  • Alisontheice
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    I am 41 and lost some weight before that. In August i decided it was time to be serious and from then lost about 35 lb. a little more probably. I now look great. In a skating dress, went from size 12 and 14 (medium/large) to size 4 and small or xsmall. I have pictures in my profile, can't be bothered uploading and posting links. I feel great and was told I'm skating better now than when I was 16.

    It is possible. Just commit and you'll get it done.
  • Great_Mazinga
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    I've lost 78lbs since I passed 40. You can do it. It's never too late to start.
  • kwirky112
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    Bumping for later - but well inspired!
  • superdeedooper
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    My first round here on MFP was in 2011 (Age 43). I had reached 181 lbs. Within 6 mos I had lost 30 lbs. I was dedicated with my logging, exercise and healthier eating.

    Life happened... gained the weight back.

    I'm here again at Age 46 and determined to conquer. I started out without much motivation at 176lbs. I logged when I felt like it and just wasn't really thrilled about exercise. I bought a new stepper from Walmart (less than $30). I have found that I am more motivated to move my body when I have music playing. The humidity keeps me indoors so the stepper has been a huge help.

    Although not registered here yet cuz I prefer my official weigh-in to be on Sat or Sun, my weight this morning was 172.4. I am a little weird with entering my weight since it fluctuates and I'd actually like to see 171.9 or less before I enter the 172.... but still.... I'm losing and I'm excited!!!

    I'm also looking for new friends so if you'd like to add me, please do.
  • Artionis
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    At 66, I am a success story in progress. I've lost 39 pounds since last November, and this is including 11 weeks (not consecutive) travel in South America and Europe. My secret formula: counting calories when possible, estimating calories when counting is not practicable, meeting both macro and micro nutritional requirements and moving more. Share this secret formula only with those whom you really, really trust or I will have to put you on double secret probation. :smile: (Everyone around my age should get the reference to double secret probation.)

    Really, don't let your age become an emotional roadblock or excuse. In fact, make your maturity and the wisdom you have gained in your life experience become an asset in your journey to a healthier life, an extra tool that someone much younger simply hasn't acquired yet.
  • Vickilite
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    Wow! I'd love to have you as a friend on this site, as I'm 57 and looking for inspiration!
  • MrsKGrady
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    This thread is just pure awesomeness! I'm not quite 40, yet, but I'm getting really close. I finally decided that enough was enough. I hope I can someday post my own success story.
  • That is great...I am starting tomorrow... late in the day...I thought I would start fresh in the morning. Glad to hear you are doing so well
  • Phoenix__Rising
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    Currently I'm 44 .. I was a 30\32 in a lot of apparel. Over 316#s.
    Last I weighed (I don't now) .. I was 164#s. I'm not finished.
    I'll always be working on me. ????
  • My birthday was February 1st and it's like something inside of me shifted. I was thinking I'm either gonna be 40 and fit or 40 and fat. You choose. So I set out on a journey to get fit and to be 40 and fab. I started Feb 17th and hopefully in the 3 years leading up to my 40th I will have reached my goals! I found MFP 4 months after I started(just last month)and would love to have new friends with this goal in mind! To everyone that made it to goal congrats! To the others like me trying to get to goal we can do this!
  • anewstart1011
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    just before my 40th birthday i was 112kg's and about 40% body fat, on the verge of a stroke or heart attack, depressed beyond belief and totally ready to throw it all in, then that 40th birthday approaching and a gym opening up within walking distance i decided to go for it.

    Cut all junk foods, soft drinks, cordials haven't had any of those except Pizza since February 2013, and not missing them, was costing way too much anyway.



    that was me a few days after my 40th birthday, i had been going to the gym for 2 days and already lost a little bit., 111.9Kgs sorry bout the semi nudity clothes really didn't show the whole picture.

    about 3 weeks later i finally got to see my complimentry trainer and he refused to train me after doing the basic physical, stating my blood pressure was way too high, so move forward 1 week i had lost 5Kg's in a month i had a 24hr blood pressure monitor attached which registered critical blood pressure just walking and here i was going full bore on the cross trainer for the past month my heart rate regularly in the 180+ range. I was put onto blood pressure medicine immediately but stopped after the 6th repeat ran out and blood pressure has been fine ever since well except for times i get really stressed or anxious.

    moving forward to the past few months i've dropped to 76.2Kg - 17.5% body fat at my lowest and a 501 day streak on MFP as of today some great and1 really close friend on MFP and heading towards my 42nd birthday February 24th.

    Inspiration I turn 40 on July 17 and I have been depressed about how I can hardly move and my knees hurt. . . .I started 16 days ago am starting slow and am walking 10,000 steps a day. It has to be better than this I am walking through the pain.