Load of clothes to consignment shop.

secwife47 Posts: 29 Member
Did some closet cleaning today. Got a trash bag of clothes to sell at the Consignment shop. Getting close to the 50 pounds off mark. I don't feel like I look like ive lost much. But I guess the clothes tell the story. And I have tons to lose, so I guess its gonna take a while to tell. I see people on here who have lost 25 pounds and look a lot different. But im under the 300 pound mark. Which is something I cant believe I admit to strangers. Since even my hubby has no idea what I weighed. If I can lose 25 more by the end of September I will be happy. I plan on keep going after that. But that's my daughters wedding and I want to look good for once in my life. So that's my nsv for this week. Have a good one.


  • Play_outside
    Play_outside Posts: 528 Member
    That is a great accomplishment! And it feels awesome to drop off those clothes, I think it's a good way to adjust mentally to the weight loss especially since you said you feel like it's not much (which is is!). You're well on your way!
  • blueboxgeek
    blueboxgeek Posts: 574 Member
    50lb is a huge success, well done!
  • startergal53
    startergal53 Posts: 120 Member
    Congratulations! Clothes do tell the tale. Nothing like clearing out the closet seeing what no longer fits to keep motivated.

    You are doing it. Stand strong and do not discount what you have done thus far. Keep up the good work.
  • AyaRowan
    AyaRowan Posts: 80 Member
    That's awesome, congrats! I started at 303lb, down to 230lb now. One of the most frustrating things to me was that at the 40-50lb loss mark, I didn't feel mentally like I had lost much at all. (In fact I still mentally feel about 265lb, my mind hasn't caught up with the loss yet)

    My body still had (and still has) the same overall shape, just smaller than before. The horrid rolls are shrinking slowly but surely, but they'll still be there for a while longer. At that time, I would try on clothes in stores and still be a 3X in some brands and styles. I could still wear my old clothes, though they were getting loose on me and didn't fit the same. It felt so disappointing to have thinner friends who could lose multiple sizes over the course of 25lb while I had lost 50lb and barely gone down one.

    But that's just how it is for people who start out at a higher weight. That you've shrunk out of some of your clothes already is awesome! Plus size clothes are made to accommodate a lot of different body shapes and types because everyone's weight distribution is different. While the difference in size between smaller clothes might be an inch, when you get into higher plus sizes the difference between clothing sizes may be two or three inches of fabric. So while a smaller person would lose x amount of pounds and go down a inch and therefore a size, the person starting from a higher weight would have to lose two to three inches in order to go down a size.

    Anyway, the point is that as you lose weight, you lose weight throughout your body. When you're larger, those changes will be slow and relatively unnoticeable. But as you lose more and more weight, the visual changes and clothing sizes will start to change faster.

    It takes a long time to peel an apple right? What if you kept on shaving off more? You would take off more and more layers, reducing its size until you reached the core. And as you got closer and closer to the core, it would take less and less time to see the difference in what was left.

    That being said, there's a tradeoff of course. Though the visual changes will happen faster as you get into lower weight ranges, the number on the scale won't change as fast because of the limitations of restricting calories. When you get closest to your "ideal" weight, you may only be able to cut enough calories safely to lose a half a pound to a pound a week or so. That's why they tend to say the last bit is the hardest to lose.

    I tend to ramble when I make posts, sorry about that. It's also 5am and I haven't slept yet... Anyway, just wanted to share my experiences a bit, give you a little idea about what's happening with your body, and to congratulate you! You're doing so great, I wish you the best!
  • Well done on your weight loss keep up the great work
  • kaliedoskope
    kaliedoskope Posts: 20 Member
    Congrats! It is a huge accomplishment. I too have about 3 garbage bags worth of clothes that I am either going to donate or try to sell. I have lost 82 pounds myself and started in the 250s. It took a long time for me to realize how much smaller I am. I still gravitate to the bigger clothes and love when my older clothes feel loose on me. I have only just started recently buying smaller sized shirts and liking how I look in them. I still have a ways to go but it feels really good!
  • RosanaRosanaDana
    RosanaRosanaDana Posts: 93 Member
    Great progress!!! I would just like to add that I hope you keep at it for your health and happiness, not just for your daughter's wedding day. Days come and go but you'll live in you body the rest of your life. It's a struggle to be sure but one day you will be ever so grateful you did this for yourself. I know you can do this!!! :heart:
  • Snip8241
    Snip8241 Posts: 767 Member
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