Would you rather lose weight before or after pregnancy?

If you are 40lbs overweight would you rather lose the 40lbs, then get pregnant and gain 40lbs to be back where you started? OR would you rather not lose any weight and get pregnant and have 80lbs to go?


  • drhazelme
    drhazelme Posts: 2 Member
    Lose it before. Being overweight increases the chance of complications. You think you'll have time or energy to exercise after-best to have less to lose later
    Besides, you already will be carrying around all that baby weight-who wants 40 lbs more
  • feedmedonuts
    feedmedonuts Posts: 241 Member
    Lose it before. Overweight women it is recommended they gain less during their pregnancy, 15-25lbs vs. 25-35lbs for normal weight women. I'd rather lose the 40lbs and have a bigger buffer for weight gain during my pregnancy, because.....food and epic hunger. I'd hate to have to stress about gaining too much because I was overweight to begin with. Ok ok, I admit I was technically 1lb overweight when I got pregnant but lost 5lbs in my 1st trimester due to morning sickness. Also as mentioned being overweight does increase risk and also makes it more difficult to bounce back after.
  • browneyes97
    Before! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and while I had lost a bunch of weight, I was no where near my goal weight. Let me tell you how much plus size maternity clothes suck! Not nearly as cute and you have to order most of it online. NOT FUN!
  • sims2013
    sims2013 Posts: 283 Member
    I have lost 63 lbs...I have 6 more lbs to go! I am chosing to lose weight before pregnancy so there will be less chance of complications! ....and I will be working out within moderation during....and then after I will be hard core like I am now!
  • imaginaryplant
    imaginaryplant Posts: 93 Member
    Losing it before will teach you proper eating habits and how to work out and make your body the healthiest as possible before you become pregnant. It's much easier to lose after if you've lost before. Much harder to get the whole thing going.
  • simplydelish2
    simplydelish2 Posts: 726 Member
    Lose it before...exercise and eat right during the pregnancy - and it will be much easier to lose it after.
  • jkolbe94
    jkolbe94 Posts: 23
    Personally, I don't want children, but I would lose the weight before. Less chance of complications! Children deserve the best of their mothers. :)