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the biggest loser

helton1515helton1515 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
i love this show but how in the hell can you gain 17 pounds in one week??????????????????


  • helton1515helton1515 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
    i love this show but how in the hell can you gain 17 pounds in one week??????????????????
  • time2wrktime2wrk Posts: 773Member Member Posts: 773Member Member
    I am on the west coast...did someone do that?
  • helton1515helton1515 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
    oops, i ruined it for you but YES!!!! thats crazy.
  • time2wrktime2wrk Posts: 773Member Member Posts: 773Member Member
    Holy &%$#, that is nuts! Although, I was watching a show about the 1,000 pound man and he gained 50 in the week following his "reveal" of his huge weight loss. Those poor folks! That is beyond the average "Oops, I screwed up and overate this week". I hope whoever that was gets some help, because that is a mentality that must be SOOOOO hard to overcome!!! Especially when they are working SO HARD on that show!!!
  • pamelawhpamelawh Posts: 162Member Member Posts: 162Member Member
    that's a huge problem! i saw the same show with the guy who was eating himself to death. i was eating dinner at the time and really wanted to chuck.
  • helton1515helton1515 Posts: 48Member Posts: 48Member
    he did it on purpose to get someone off the show. i believe he drank 2 gallons of water before the weigh in.
  • time2wrktime2wrk Posts: 773Member Member Posts: 773Member Member
    Ok, now I will have to watch it tonight!!!!! My curiosity is piqued!

    pamelawh, I know, that one guy who they refused to kick out of the facility that just kept eating was awful, I don't understand the mentality of the people who would supply the food...
  • sseagosseago Posts: 1Member Posts: 1Member
    I think he should have been kicked off the ranch for doing that. Because now on next week's weigh in he will have lost all that water weight plus what ever real weight loss he has....
  • fesslerfessler Posts: 23Member Posts: 23Member
    He lost a lot of water...but for people who have not moved in forever (meaning their metabolisms are extremely slowed) doing physical activity and dieting...will have a greater effect on them. People who are used to doing exercise...have more conditioned bodies...will perform those exercises more economically.
  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    He gained the 17 pounds by consuming high sodium along with two gallons of water. And his evil plan worked because he didn't get the boot. I hate cheaters!!!!
  • MasheeMashee Posts: 9Member Posts: 9Member
    17 pounds in a week is not so much if you have a slow metabolic system like I do.. I can gain 2 kg a day if im not carefull about what I eat..
  • julieofthewolvesjulieofthewolves Posts: 339Member Member Posts: 339Member Member
    Mashee - this was on the TV show the Biggest Loser. It's a reality show. The guy had lost about 56 pounds so far into the program and in one week he gained 17 pounds from water and sodium. He did it on purpose - his strategy for the game. They work their butts off on that show and there is no way that he could have gained it without cheating. He admitted to it as well.
  • apaden4apaden4 Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    I saw that last night! I can't believe he did that! He should have definately got the boot, I hate cheaters too.
    I just think it was crappy of him to that, because the show is about losing weight and those people work their butts off - and for someone to cheat and gain weight AS A STRATEGY - I just think thats awful.
  • NTBoardNTBoard Posts: 363Member Member Posts: 363Member Member
    I think the part that bothers me is the thought that the rest of the blue team was in on it! Especially Kae. She seems to have a solid head on her shoulders... Anyway, I was so hoping he'd get kicked off and was dissapointed that he didn't. Looks like it's going to stir up some issues on the campus for next week!

    Anyway, +++POSITIVE THOUGHTS+++!!!
  • denmother46denmother46 Posts: 272Member Member Posts: 272Member Member
    OMG!!! What happened?? I wasn't able to watch because my cable ( and internet) have been out since Sunday due to the fires here. Who gained 17 pounds? Who got kicked/voted off? Off to reality website for my updates..........
  • Loretta_JoLoretta_Jo Posts: 609Member Member Posts: 609Member Member
    I don’t watch television but I have heard of the program. When does it come on again and what network so I can try and catch it the next time it is on?
  • banks1850banks1850 Posts: 3,475Member Member Posts: 3,475Member Member
    I'm torn about this show. Don't get me wrong, I watch it religiously, but here's the problem.

    *****Diatribe warning******
    The only place they tell you that they are being constantly monitored by medics is at the very end for like 5 seconds. If someone in real life said "I think this looks great, I'm gonna go into the country and climb that mountain and work on an eliptical and tread mill at 7 mph for 4 hours a day and loose 25 lbs this week." they would probably have a heart attack and die on day 1.
    This is very dangerous, and also unrealistic. It makes the average joe think that a 7 lb weight loss is good for 1 week, where, for most of us who aren't morbidly obese, it is not good, and could be dangerous if continued, because the only way to do this is to go extreme on diet and exercise. For most people 1 lb/wk is considered moderate weight loss and 2 lbs/wk is considered high weight loss.
    7 lbs/week is just masochistic!
    *****End diatribe******

    Ok that all being said, I think that the lessons about eating and exercise that they give are great! Also the enthusiasm the trainers have is also great. What I always notice about people who weren't atheletes and are now going to the gym is that they don't know how to push their body (tolerance for pain is an aspect of working out), what the show seems to do great is to show people that they can push through the pain barrier and they won't fall apart! That is the best part for me, seeing them crying "I can't, I can't" and then doing 5 more minutes.
  • tdroselertdroseler Posts: 165Member Posts: 165Member
    somehow i fail to see the reality in all these "reality shows" i do however see people willing to do practically anything for fame and fortune...not that a million gets you much these daze...dahhhhling :)
  • lotusfromthemudlotusfromthemud Posts: 5,396Member Member Posts: 5,396Member Member
    If I can just jump on the ******diatribe****** wagon, move over banks....

    The extremely high non-real world weight loss numbers are so discouraging for average dieters. I think it's one thing to be inspired by the success of others, but so often I see on the boards here people that are dissapointed because they lost "only" two pounds in a week.

    Also, enough with the commercials encapsulated as "healthy eating options" on the show. Subway, Nabisco 100 calorie packs, Quaker oatmeal "weight control" breakfasts...I've taken to tivo-fast forwarding through these bits. They anger me, and a big ole tub of steel cut oats is cheaper, has more fiber, no sugar and is better for you than an overpriced, overprocessed, pre-packaged "weight control" oatmeal marketing technique.

    That being said, I'm still watch the show, but have "issues".

    thanks, I feel better. ;)
  • time2wrktime2wrk Posts: 773Member Member Posts: 773Member Member
    It is definitely better than that show "The Swan", though. Remember that one? They gave every girl a new nose, new boobs, basically said what they were born with wasn't good enough. That show REALLY riled me. At least this is more toward healthy lifestyles, it's just that we need to realize they are being condensed into a short period of time for Hollywood purposes. And Hollywood purposes are NEVER realistic!!! :-)
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