Finding Motiviation

Hi all,
in the last few months I lost about 8 pounds, but recently I became very ill, thus unable to exercise and needing to not be on a diet. Unfortunately I put back on most of the weight from before, and now I am better am finding difficult to get back into healthy eating + fitness. Does anyone have any tips on getting back that motiviation?


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    What works for me is setting short term goals to achieve that is not weight driven. For example I have couple goals this month which are running 100 miles before end of month, cutting out sweets for the last two weeks and my overall lifts. I know in the back of my head I will lose weight most likely but more focus on achieving the small goals
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  • I'm just starting back in the weight loss scene today. My breaking point was the distance between my "imagined self" and my "actual self." I SOOO want what I imagine I could be that it's worth the time and effort. So the question is....who/what do you want to be?
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    I'm afraid that I will not be of much help here, I myself have recovered from an injury which prevented me from working out and resulted in me giving up completely, and gaining more weight then what I have lost. All I can say is that it isnot easy to find back your motivation, harder for some then others. But think about the future, what and where do you see yourself in 5 years time, and think if that picture is what you want or not.

    For myself I have reached a breaking point, the scales have come to a number that I never thought I would see, and I feel ill about it, knowing that I did this to myself. So I signed up with a local gym, and started talking to one of the trainers, he has taken me under his wing and seems really motivated to help me reach my goals, and now I feel all fired up and ready to start. For me I need to feel like someone is relying on me, for me to do this. I know it sounds weird and it isnt what I am like normally but for some reason I have not been this motivated for a long time until I talked to this guy.

    So I guess what I am saying it when you sign up to a gym you might feel more motivated because you know that if you dont go in you are wasting money, and for me that is something I hate, so now I must go in 2 times a week minimum. And knowing that they can help me from preventing my injury from coming back is definitely worth spending the money.

    Add me as a friend if you like and maybe we can help each other stay motivated!
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    Ct fletcher videos are good motivation for me. I even have his app with basically him yelling at me with background music.
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    Becoming ill is such a sap to motivation. It has derailed me more than once along the way.

    Perhaps you can find motivation in eating all the healthy foods that make you feel, not just not-ill and 'normal' but better. Bonus, the better nourished you are, the less likely you are to catch the next bug that comes your way.
  • In life you have a choice - stand up and take the wheel towards your brighter tomorrow or sit back and allow people and negative thoughts dictate who you are.
    You did it before so you can do it again. Only YOU can decide what you WANT.
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    Motivation doesn't really works for me since it doesn't lasts for a long time or a life time that I like it to. So I just make it a habit to eat within moderation or calories limit. I feel that it is so much easier that way. As for workout, I just do it even if I feel sore or sluggish or whatever. I would feel really good later on. Just do what you know have to do & it's good for you.
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    The desire to change yourself is all the motivation you really need.

    Sure, it's a slow process that can be hard, but if it was easy everyone would be fit. You just need to think to yourself, "how much do I want this?".

    The most important thing is to not procrastinate. Stop thinking you'll start tomorrow, or next week or at the end of the month. Don't overthink it, just do it. You won't achieve what you want by doing nothing. Even if you pick it up slowly, anything is better than nothing.

    You've done it before, so you know you can do it. You're talking yourself out of it before you've even started, but I promise you, after a week or so, you'll slip right back in to a routine and it will become second nature to you.
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    Fyi motivation is only good for getting you started, and maybe to keep you peppy along the way. Results come from consistency, showing up each day and putting in the work, regardless of whether or not you feel like doing it. "I don't feel motivated" is NOT an excuse, nothing is.
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    I like that. i dont feel like working out 2 out of 7 days but I do. I just need to remember to keep myself up and ready for the fight. WIth my job I have to get back in shape fast, and i mean really fast. you'd think that would be enough motivation. But this will help. putting in the work