Question about Weather affecting weight loss

It's super hot out here and I'm sweating like a pig, does the weather make a big difference on your weight loss?


  • WalkingAlong
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    No. Well, if you normally get exercise from being outdoors active and don't in the summer because it's too hot-- maybe. But does sweating affect weight loss? No. You lose some water but you gain it back when you drink.
  • mnewell0293
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    I think weather makes a difference in my eating and wanting to in southern NY, we have not seen a lot of sun this Winter and it takes it toll on the eating...always wanting comfort foods...replaced that with hot water and lemon...
  • Christine_72
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    I know I eat less during summer, but eat a lot of fruit and salad, plus I drink tonns more water. Pretty much the opposite of winter.
    Therefore I do lose more weight in summer, purely because I eat less and "healthier".
  • Liftng4Lis
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    herrspoons wrote: »
    Nope. Temporary fluid loss only.

  • Alatariel75
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    There is no direct link, ie hotter weather doesn't make you lose faster, but the indirect links are many. Summer for a lot of people is a more active time, eating more salads etc, loss of appetite due to heat etc, or it could go the other way and social engagements in summer have you drinking more, eating out more... Winter for some means hearty comfort food and less exercise etc. It's all correlation, not causation though. Sweating more doesn't = more weight loss, only water loss which you replenish when you drink.