When the Rest of Life Gets to You

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And it cause you to reach for the high carbs, to fuel that rush to get you through.

Might have to have a horse put to sleep on Wednesday and is breaking my heart. My daughter's showjumper. If the vet can't help then she will be the fourth animal friends we've lost in the last four months, due to old age and to damage. Whilst the two we lost to old age we can mourn at their passing but rejoice at their lives, my horse that I lost just over a week ago and this one are both too young.

We seem to attract the broken ones, the ones that need peace and care, which they get in abundance, but blinking heck it's hard on the heart. Dreams and desires slide from winning ribbons to local shows to a half hour tail ride to being field sound, until all we can hope and plan for is a peaceful end to the pain.

Sorry to off-load, but I'm trying to be strong for my daughter and not breakdown again.


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    I'm sorry to hear about your pain. I love animals too, so I can relate. Really hope your horse can be saved.

    In times of distress, it's perhaps even more important than ever to eat well. Try to stay with your plan even if it is difficult.
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    Terribly sorry that you and your whole family particularly your daughter are going through such a distressing time.

    I love animals myself have always had pets.

    Saying of Goodbye to our beloved companions is dreadfully hard and heartbreaking and you have experienced this multiple times, the stress and strain would be horrible.

    Focus on being there for yourself and your family.....don't add in more worry and then guilt over resorting to soothing foods under such circumstances, good grief your only human and there is only so much someone can shoulder. Maybe log it if you have the urge just so you have some idea of the calories and you won't get even more stressed by gaining.

    I really hope that your horse is OK and recovers well and that you are not faced with any more losses.

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    My heart is aching for you. This is such a difficult time. We lost our anglo-Arab to Potomac horse fever two years ago. My thoughts, tears and prayers are with you. I hope you don't loose him.
    This is and will be a rough road.....take care of yourself and your family. Don't worry too much about your plan. Try and stay with it when you can, if you can't that's ok. We will be here when you need us. :flowerforyou: :cry:
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    Thank you all.

    I expect I'll be okay. It's just hard to see creatures in pain, and to see my daughter hurting so much.

    They bring so much love and joy and laughter. It's only right that we treat them with the respect and kindness they deserve when we can no longer help them.

    I'll hold onto that thought and your kind words.
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    You poor thing, you are having a rough time of it. Four animals in 4 months is a lot of loss for one family to bear. I really hope that your daughter's horse does not have to be put down. I know we are supposed to try & keep focused on our diets/eating plans but sometimes life does get in the way. I would just say that if you are tempted to binge, log before binging just so you can see the calories involved - sometimes this has stopped me going mad & sometimes I have found a little of what I fancy is not so horrendous as I thought. And if you overdo it on one day you can ease up a little the rest of the week. You could also try thinking that now matter how sad & awful you are feeling, knowing you have put on weight again, is just going to make you feel even more depressed. But ultimately, I don't think beating yourself up if you slip is helpful right now - you will have bad days but as long as they are not every day you will succeed. Take care x
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    I am so sorry. I know this has to be so hard = ( I had to put my sweet baby down (13 yo golden mix dog) a year and a half ago and I can't imagine having that 4 times over. I overload on my carbs in stressful times too sometimes just because it is a faster way to eat. Don't beat yourself up right now, be kind to yourself. You are in my prayers.
  • DayByDayGetStronger
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    Make some sugar-free Jello with a little fruit in it and have some Cool Whip handy. This 50-calorie snack might help you when you're craving some comfort carbs.

    So sorry for your loss. You sound like such a caring and compassionate person. Remember to be as such to yourself in your grieving.

    Remember, junk food won't bring back a pet or a loved one. Hug people, A LOT right now.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Pets and companion animals of all kinds really do grab onto our hearts during their short lives. One of the many reasons I am on MFP is due to a weight gain after the loss of our beloved 12 year old pet dog last November. It is hard not to try to eat the sorrow and stress away. But please don't do what I did.. "At last he is at peace" This is what I said right after my dog died in my arms. It's what I hold on to when I miss my dog's companionship. .