Eating when not hungry

I'm 10 days into South Beach Diet. Since tracking my food, I found that I was not getting enough protein or enough calories to reach my macros. I added protein drinks mid morning and mid afternoon. That said, I find I am not hungry from breakfast til lunch. Frequently I am not hungry from lunch to dinner either. I have been drinking the protein shakes even though I don't feel any hunger,

Is this what I should be doing or should I only eat when I'm really hungry


  • healthygreek
    healthygreek Posts: 2,137 Member
    If your calorie goal is at least 1200, (depending on your weight it could be more) then you should eat that much to stay healthy.
  • Mykaelous
    Mykaelous Posts: 231 Member
    Do you think it is easier to make a healthy choice when you are hungry, or not hungry?