90 pounds down

1973mikeg Posts: 54 Member
My name is Michael and back in 2007 I was at my heaviest over 242+ pounds. I did not realize how much the over weight I was. My doctor told me that I was pre diabetic. I was concerned and needed to change my bad habits. I started to watch what I ate and started to ride my mountain bike. By 2010 I was down 60 pounds, but it was not constant. I would fluctuate by 25 pounds. In 2011 I lost my job and without notice I was up to 217 pounds. In May 2013 I joined MFP. I was focusing on my calories and started to lose weight. I July 2013 I started a workout program called Insanity. I enjoyed this program and I became committed to getting healthy. I work nights and was always tired and sluggish. This May I started to eat clean. With better and proper nutrition the weight fell off and I have energy. I started to sleep better. I now like to help motivate others.




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