How to reduce post-holiday appetite?

Just had a super holiday where I didn't log a thing and ate and drank without considering any of my goals. Yes, I have added a couple of extra pounds but not too excessive when I consider all the double breakfasts, buffet lunches, four course dinners, and bottles of wine that I have put away. The fact that I was doing several hours of sport every day in a warm climate would have helped to keep my weight gain down. The problem I'm left with now is that my appetite is still in overdrive yet I'm back at work in an office environment with no chance of doing the amount of exercise that I was doing last week.
Any tips on how to get myself back to consuming my usual calorie intake before my clothes get too tight?


  • BigT555
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    i may catch some flack for this, but i find eating as "healthy" as possible following a vacation will help reduce cravings (lets call it a mental detox)
    lots of fruits and veggies, avoid junk for a week or so to get back into it
  • Rosie_McA
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    I have been eating a lot of salads, fruit, and veg since I got back and a lack of time in the morning means that the big fried breakfasts are now over with. Stopping alcohol was easy because before my holiday I hadn't drank since the 1st of January. The issue is that I just seem constantly ravenous even though I'm now back to my daily office life.
    I have started logging again so hopefully that should help to get my focus back.
  • Branstin
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    Protein and fiber will help keep you full. If you are hungry then by all means eat but water helps control the appetite as well.
  • freddi11e
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