Adding calories for donating blood?

should you add calories to your daily goal if you donate blood and do not exercise? and if so how many calories should you add?


  • RangerRN507
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    probably not..your body can actually lose a lot of blood (about 2 quarts) before it seriously becomes an issue so the relatively small amount they take wont be enough to effect you too much. just eat a granola bar or something afterwords and forget about it
  • MissBabyJane
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    I don't think so. Just eat something and don't worry about it.
  • brevislux
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  • Synchronicity
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    Donating blood doesn't burn much in the way of calories- you sit passively by while they bleed you. Regenerating the blood that you loss does take some energy, but it's spread out over 30+ days (the time it takes for a stem cell to become a red blood cell), give-or-take, and will not significantly alter your calorie expenditure one way or the other.