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Calorie counting machine?



  • JoeCampbell85
    That would be awesome if it worked with even a +/- 10% error rate. I would buy.
  • samanthaxb
    samanthaxb Posts: 54 Member
    I would buy this too! Depending on accuracy and price. We can only hope :)
  • WalkingAlong
    WalkingAlong Posts: 4,926 Member
    It seems to me like the people who always plate up all their food and would consistently put a counter on it are also the people who would take the time to manually log it. But cool idea!

    There is also a phone app that attempts to estimate your plate's calorie via a photo, isn't there?

    I said this in the last thread about this, but I think someday there should be some sort of 'peer calorie estimating', where others provide you an estimate because they're objective, unlike when we count our calories up ourselves. :happy: