Anyone else bothered by the survey??

LianaG1115 Posts: 453 Member
I took the damn MFP survey today in the hopes that the damn black box would stop popping up!! But it hasn't gone away even after clicking Not at this time several times!! UGHHHH anyone else experiencing this??!!


  • sixout
    sixout Posts: 3,129 Member
    I've never had a survey pop up.
  • just4jilly
    just4jilly Posts: 103 Member
    Me either. Maybe run a virus scan or try an ad blocker. I don't get any ads at all on this or any other site.
  • ruby_red_rose
    ruby_red_rose Posts: 321 Member
    Every time I open a new page (e.g. to read a forum post), the survey comes up again. I took it the first time I saw it, and since then I have seen it at least another 10 times. It is getting very annoying.
  • SueInAz
    SueInAz Posts: 6,592 Member
    I think I had it once, weeks ago, but I haven't seen it since. OP, apparently you're just "lucky."