my inadvertent satiety experiment

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It wasn't really an experiment, but I did make some interesting observations from today's food.

1. It does not take much prompting to get me to rapidly devour 3 stale doughnuts. I wasn't particularly hungry even. But they were sitting on a desk for open consumption, so I decided they needed eating. As doughnuts go, they were average.

2. Rapidly devouring 3 doughnuts will play a little havoc with your macros, but it's nothing that working your way through a couple cans of tuna won't help.

3. A pound (pre-trimming) of strawberries was more satisfying than the 3 doughnuts, if we're measuring "satisfaction" purely in terms of whether or not I felt like eating after I consumed them and how long it took me to eat them. The 3 doughnuts were 750 calories, while the strawberries were 121 calories.

Now, this is no way a condemnation of doughnuts. Nor was it really a fair test of doughnuts. They were merely average and stale. A good quality doughnut is a thing of beauty and should not be feared. That said, as someone who frequently struggles with feelings of hunger, if I'm not craving a doughnut in particular then I'm probably better off with the strawberries.

And, this is also not intended as a " Hey look, 'natural' foods are healthier and more awesome" post.

Mostly this more of a...

"Strawberries are Awesome Because I Can Eat a Ton of Them and Not Have to Do Macronutrient Gymnastics to Compensate"