nsv! well part of the story is

loriemn Posts: 292 Member
so last week while baling hay we broke down,went to the parts store,got the part we needed and left,,then this week my FIL goes to the store,asked them if "John,my hubby,had been in to pick up the part" the guy says "yes,he was here with his SON!" my FIL says,"he doesnt have any kids" the other guy says, "well,he was in here with a tall skinny kid"!!!! OMG!!! that was me! now I think the "tall skinny kid" part is freaking funny! but not the "SON" part..I am female,47,and yes I was wearing an old tank top,old raggy jeans that are to big and old scruffy cowboy boots and a dewrag on my head,but come on,I still have hips and boobs!!!


  • laurelthistle
    laurelthistle Posts: 145 Member
    Awesome on the tall skinny part, not so great on the "kid" part!! :)
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