Losing too fast?

Hey everyone. :)

I'm still new here (4 weeks into my diet, 3 weeks with MFP monitoring) so excuse me if this topic is in the wrong place! But I need a little advice...

In my first week, the 'settling in' period I suppose, I wasn't losing weight, just getting used to cutting my calories and learning what's good and what's bad. Second week, whilst monitoring with MFP, I lost 3.8lbs. Then, third week, I lost 1.5lbs between Tuesday and Thursday, before my weight seemed to stabilise at 243.6. I stayed exactly the same weight from Thursday 10th July to Wednesday 17th July. I was very upset, as I'd been doing the same thing - healthy eating and exercise - and wasn't seeing any results (until I did my measurements and realised I had lost a fair few inches around my waist and hips).

This Thursday I weighed myself, and I had finally lost 1.3lbs overnight! I was ecstatic, and realised the weight loss was probably catching up with me. But then I weighed myself on Friday morning again and I'd lost 1.8lbs overnight. And, then, this morning, another 1.4lbs. That's a total of 4.5lbs in 3 days?!

My calorie intake is pretty low considering my weight - around 1200-1400 a day, with an exercise deficit between 150-500 calories depending on how I feel. I have tried to eat more calories, but I just don't get hungry because I feel I'm getting a rich and nutritious diet from the types of food I'm eating (I've completely cut out junk unless in an emergency, and I only drink water, mix juices and tea with no sugar - I feel like I was probably drinking my calories when I wasn't dieting).

Is this really something to worry about, or could it be the weight from last week starting to fall off? Should I consult my doctor/a dietician? Let me know what you think.

EDIT: I haven't lost 20lbs in my three weeks doing this! I lost quite a bit back in November, but gave up until the beginning of July. Naughty, I know, but I'm back in the game now!


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    First, weight loss isn't linear. There are going to be days/weeks you may lose nothing at all. There will be days/weeks you lose on target. And there will be days/weeks you lose more or less than you expected. Weight loss isn't just a straight line. It much more squigly. Up, downs, loopdy-loops, you name it.

    Second, RE: calories, 1200-1400 calories should be fine, but if you're exercising as well, you should really make an effort to eat at least a portion of those calories back. Eat more caloric dense foods. Cook with oil or butter. Eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Have a little ice cream at the end of the night. Whatever tickles your fancy. Eating more calories doesn't necessarily mean eating more quantity.