Now, I'm Really Ready for The Hate...



  • Trechechus
    Trechechus Posts: 2,821 Member
    I didn't like Frozen or the Lego Movie for different reasons, but I found both rather boring.
  • darkrose20
    darkrose20 Posts: 1,139 Member
    I still don't get why Frozen was such a hit and that *song* went *viral*. I watched it with my bestie, and I was falling aslepe through it. It seems as if it's the same formulaic Disney "magic".

    ...but to those of you who liked it....more power to ya. I guess that's not my *thing*...I'd rather re-watch Constantine for the one ga-gilionth time.
  • fjellrev
    fjellrev Posts: 5,078 Member
    The obsession over "Let It Go" was annoying enough to decide against even watching it at all.
  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,069 Member
    I loved Frozen. Hubby hated it. Lego movie was just okay to me. Hubby fell asleep. Kids loved both of them! LOL!
  • LosingExtraKristy
    LosingExtraKristy Posts: 164 Member
    We took the kids to see it in the theatre and I enjoyed it. I didn't think much of the real people at the end either...but I enjoyed the rest of it. I loved the song, Everything Is Awesome. Woohoo!! Until I looked it up on YouTube. I didn't care for the full version. But I think you're allowed to not like it. :smile:
  • Lisa1971
    Lisa1971 Posts: 3,069 Member
    My kids and I both liked Maleficent, though.

    Glad to know. Still debating on whether or not to take the kiddos. How scary is it? I love AJ! She's perfect for this role!
  • redheaddee
    redheaddee Posts: 2,005 Member
    That was the absolute stupidest movie I have seen in a while. I wanted to gouge my eyes out.
  • 1LadyKate
    1LadyKate Posts: 78 Member
    The lego movie was ok enough until Will Ferrell showed and then the movie was over for me. I really thought I was the only one in the world who can't stand him. I have never seen Frozen and like someone else said, I dont' really want to watch because too much hype.

    I really like Meet the Robinsons and I like the song "little wonders" from the movie. Pre-kids, DH and I saw it in theaters....twice.
  • FeraFilia
    FeraFilia Posts: 4,664 Member
    I have not seen The Lego Movie. Nor have I seen Frozen. And I love kid's movies.

    I'll just be over here, under my rock.
  • curlygirl513
    curlygirl513 Posts: 199 Member
    I didn't like frozen much either. I loved the little snowman and the reindeer. I loved the focus on the sisters and the sister being the hero. :)

    I like Muppet Movie, especially the last one, Muppets Most Wanted. "I'll Get You Anything You Want, Cocatoo in Malibu" is maybe my favorite song ever. We are still singing it. My daughter and me put the CD on in the car. She is 32 :) We sing along.

    Oh, and the Rio movies are so much fun. The Blue Macaws and other birds are adorable.
  • Brownsbacker4evr
    Brownsbacker4evr Posts: 365 Member
    I am definitely fan of most animated/disney/etc.movies. I haven't watched, and don't intend to watch Frozen either. lol. These disney movies the last few years just have zero appeal to me, unlike the ones from the 90's to 00's, which I love.

    I would consider watching the Lego movie, but probably wouldn't go out of my way to do so.
  • BinaryPulsar
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    My kids and I both liked Maleficent, though.

    Glad to know. Still debating on whether or not to take the kiddos. How scary is it? I love AJ! She's perfect for this role!

    It did have some scary moments. My kids are 7.5 and 10. A few times my 7 year old closed her eyes and covered her ears. But, she still loved the movie. I never felt like Maleficent was a villian, just wounded and healing. It was actually very touching. It is something I could relate to as an archetype. And it has a good ending.
  • leadslinger17
    leadslinger17 Posts: 297 Member
    The Lego Movie was not entirely what I expected but I like it a lot. It was a lot more of the Adult Swim style humor than little kid humor, and I like that stuff. I could see people not liking the live action part though.

    But, now that I have kids a lot of the other kids' parents assemble and then glue together their Lego sets. It annoys the crap out of me... don't they realize that defeats the entire purpose of Legos? They are good toys because they teach a lot of things, imagination, creativity, spacial intelligence, structure, counting, etc. You lose all that stuff... "the way I'm using it makes it an adult thing". Thank you Lego Movie :)
  • Aero1dynamic
    Aero1dynamic Posts: 702 Member
    I hate Will Ferrel and the only part of The Lego Movie I liked was Batman. I also agree with you about Frozen....Billion dollar industry, they could have done better. Seems to me they focused all their attention on ONE song/scene and let the rest go to crap.
  • sixout
    sixout Posts: 3,130 Member
    An adult didn't like a kids movie... why is this a bad thing? It's aimed at kids. As long a s the kids like it, isn't that enough?
  • srslybritt
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    Haven't seen the movie, and probably won't. I don't have kids and I can't stand Will Ferrell, so there you go...
  • knittnponder
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    The Lego movie is what I imagine an LSD trip to be like but I've never done LSD so I don't know for sure.
  • erockem
    erockem Posts: 278 Member
    I really was excited to see it, didn't enjoy it one bit. Luckily we saw it for free.