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Supreme 90 day results, please!!!

So, I know that this thread has been done before, but I just ordered the Supreme 90 day fitness DVDs. Who out there has tried it? What was your experience? What were your results? Can you post some pics? I have lost over 80 lbs, I started my MFP journey/ticker when I was over 20 lbs down and I have nearly 60 lbs to go. So I was hoping that this would help me get closer to my goal. I am only moderately active ( Zumba, 30 day Shred level 1, and lots of walking with a little running) and am hoping to increase my fitness level and lose fat and gain muscle. So don't be shy, let me know how Supreme 90 day has worked for you?


  • pcdoctor01
    pcdoctor01 Posts: 389 Member
    You go girl!
  • sunglasses_and_ocean_waves
    <!~~~ I guess.

    I did it when I was recovering for multiple surgeries/illness. My kid liked it too. I don't do it any more (I just workout on my own), but I did like the program, and it's less time consuming than P90X. Plus Tom is likeable.
  • Healthy_4_Life2
    Healthy_4_Life2 Posts: 595 Member
    This is a wonderful program, especially for the nominal price I paid. It's one of first program involving weights that I completed several times over. I I will send you a FR if you like to look in my profile for my progress pictures since I don't really know how to post pictures on the forum. have since moved on to Stronglifts program though. I really enjoyed Supreme 90 and still do it from time to time.
  • kittikat1119
    kittikat1119 Posts: 96 Member
    I did it a couple years ago to get back into shape after my first baby. Don't be afraid to give yourself a few extra rest days or add in a little extra cardio on the short days. That is what I did and I was happy with the results. Unfortunately I didn't take pictures, but here are my results from the 58 days I did before moving on.

    Start Weight: 174.8
    Chest -38 1/2”
    Thighs- L-24 1/4” R 24 1/4”
    Calfs- L-15 1/4” R 15”

    Day 30
    Weight: 168.4
    Arms- L-11” R-11” (-1")
    Chest- 37 1/2” (-1")
    Stomach- 38” (-1")
    Hips- 41” (-1")
    Thighs- L-22 3/4” R-22 3/4” (-1.5" each)
    Calfs- L-14 3/4” R-14 3/4” (-.5" and -.25")
    -6.4 pounds
    -7.75" off entire body

    Day 58:
    Weight: 161.4
    Arms-11” (-0")
    Chest- 36 1/4” (-1.25")
    Stomach- 37 3/4 (-.25")
    Hips- 40” (-1")
    Thighs- R-20 1/12” L- 20 1/2” (-2.25 off each)
    Calfs- R-14 ½” L-14 1/2” (-.25 each)
    -7 pounds
    -7.5" of entire body

    Grand total: 13.4 lbs and 15.25" lost doing 2/3 of the program

    I plan on doing it again sometime, it was great in a lot of ways! Good luck!