Swimming with Fitbit Flex?

Does anyone swim while wearing the Fitbit Flex? If so, have you had any problems with it after?


  • cwrig
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    It is listed as water resistant, not waterproof. Though they say to go ahead and shower with it they don't recommend swimming with it.

    It wont track swimming correctly anyway.
  • Froggymcconnell
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    DOES track swimming correctly and does work afterwards - I use mine weekly swimming and it sill works.

    as long as you are not underwater in deep ocean then its fine :smile:
  • chrissyrenee1029
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    I haven't swam with mine but I do usually shower with it on and haven't had any issues.
  • sympha01
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    bump to see the responses later
  • LilyMammoth
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    I've swam with mine a few times and shower every day with it and have had no problems.
  • dawnmj1121
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    I go in the pool with mine on a the weekend and so far no issue. I am mindful of how much time I spend in the pool and I don't typically spend a great deal of time underwater. I have had it for a few months now and haven't had a problem.
  • editorgrrl
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    MFP has a Fitbit Users group: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/forums/show/1307-fitbit-users

    From https://help.fitbit.com/customer/portal/articles/918535-about-the-fitbit-flex
    While it is water resistant and can be submerged up to 10 meters, Flex is not designed to track swimming activities. If you want to better reflect your swimming activity and calories burned, we recommend logging the activity on the Activities page of your dashboard.
    KIMBELKOWSKI Posts: 50 Member
    Thank you!
  • Never tried mine though
  • suremeansyes
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    Mine held up with hours in the pool, daily, for weeks, but it tracks nothing in there.
  • BigC1874
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    You want to get in a pool with SWIMTAG of you really want to track your swimming.

    Miles better than any of the apps that are out there at the moment and free at most pools that have it!

  • DR2501
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    Didn't actually know it was water resistant, I always take mine off to shower lol. But then, I don't walk in the shower so its fine lol
  • seedhousel
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    Mine broke!