Hi THere!!

I am so motivated this time....after i downloaded it to my droid phone i am now keeping track of everything i put in my mouth...so far its working and lost 3lbs...just 1200 a day and walking...


  • championnfl
    championnfl Posts: 324 Member
    Only 1200 cals? eat your exercise calories please. [google starvation mode]
  • nolafitchick
    nolafitchick Posts: 46 Member
    Congrats and good luck! And yes! make sure you are adding in your calories burned back in.

  • Michelle_J
    Michelle_J Posts: 362 Member
    Welcome to MFP. I love having it on my Droid too. LOVE IT! I can't say that I wasn't at my laptop to log it. No excuses =]
  • cobarlo14
    cobarlo14 Posts: 582 Member
    I agree 100%.

    1200 calories is too little but better yet, to get a better answer see your doctor or nutritionist. If you can't do that then MFP can calculate calorie intake per day . I have learned that without the right fuel/food (or lack there of) I funtion poorly. Kinda like a car, If you don't put enough/right gas in it - it won't work properly. You'll feel better - you'll see.

    Starvation mode is not the way to go.

    Good Luck :happy: