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Achieved a PB for press ups today. What's your best ?

waxon81 Posts: 198 Member
A couple of guys I work with ( we work in a brewery) are also into keep fit and working out. This means that we are always talking about workouts we've done or are planning on doing and personal bests. We set targets for each other. So today the subject of how many push ups (press ups) we could do. Both the other guys were 19 and 26, I'm 33.
Youngest lad got 40, which I though was pretty good
Mid twenties guy got 57, which I said I thought was unbeatable
On my go I got 80 :)
I have to admit I dug deep and those last 5 were on sheer determination alone. I can't believe I'm within spitting distance of one hundred.
So, how many can you do? and if like me you don't even know your maximum find out and post your results here.

(Push up we're standard width bending arms to 'at least' 90 degrees)


  • Timshel_
    Timshel_ Posts: 22,834 Member

    However, I only came here cuz you said PB, which is = Peanut butter. And I see none.
  • waxon81
    waxon81 Posts: 198 Member
    God I love peanut butter......
  • Mighty_Rabite
    Mighty_Rabite Posts: 581 Member
    80 is pretty damn solid.

    I haven't tested my maximum in a LONG time, but a year or two ago I think I pulled out about 55 or so before retiring. I surmise if I were to go to a max right now, I would be around the same, give or take a few reps.
  • meshashesha2012
    meshashesha2012 Posts: 8,326 Member
    i got to 100 in 15 minutes last year but i should have stopped at 75 because i reinjured an old shoulder injury and couldn't move my arm for a week.

    but YAY 100 pushups!! i did take breaks but i wanted to see how many i could do in 15 minutes and even though there was some pain aaround 75/80 i was so close to 100 i just wanted to see if i could

    ad oh yeah my push up were on my toes, (mostly) elbows tucked in, and elbows at 90 degree