Any other pregnant ladies on mfp?

Hi everyone, after successfully using mfp to get down to my goal weight I recently found out that I am pregnant. It is very early, and I want to make sure I continue to track whatI am eating so as to get enough nutrients and gain weight at a CONTROLLED pace! Don't worry I am not trying to starve myself I know a lot of people might instantly recoil from someone that's pregnant using MFP but the purpose of my doing this is to gain only a healthy amount while getting enough nutrition, not trying to "stay skinny". You're only supposed to gain 3-5 pounds during the first trimester and my doctor said I should only gain 25-35 lb total. Here's the problem, I'm only 5 weeks and have already gained almost everything I'm supposed to gain for the next three months! Does anyone know if you can include pregnancy in your personal settings? Will it alter your needed nutrients such as calcium and iron too? If not, are there any other pregnant ladies on mfp? Any tips?
Ps-of course I will be following my doctors advice throughout and taking a prenatal vitamin as well.


  • Jennloella
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    there's actually several pregnancy groups....... my babies are 6 weeks old and 13 months old, I never stopped tracking food but for different reasons, I always have to gain weight back after pregnancy; I usually lose between 35 and 50 when pregnant (4 kids, every time) so I can't help you there, but You can go in and manually set your goals if you want to play with your calories or macros
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    How much you gain is completely individual. I've had two normal, healthy pregnancies where I gained 70 and 50 pounds, respectively.
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    When I was pregnant I gained about 8lbs in the first trimester but gained more slowly in the secodn and third trimesters. My advice is to eat healthily and eat when you're hungry and you'll be fine. Your body knows what it so don't fret too much about how many lbs you've put on, just make sure you eat well and don't snack on cake and chocolate.
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    Hi - I just found out yesterday that Im 6 weeks pregnant with my 4th!! I've recently lost close to 20lbs so Im trying to get over the fact that I will be gaining that all back plus some. I plan on sticking to my routine at the gym and eating healthy. I will give into my ice cream cravings but that will not be all day every day like my last pregnancy! lol
    I set my calorie goal to maintenace and kept my macros where I had them. Hopefully logging everything will keep me from going off the deep end and away from dunkin donuts!!
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    Congrats!!!! I am 19 weeks today with my first, still using MFP for informational purposes. Everyones weight gain will be different, I'm having the opposite problem and haven't gained any weight yet which can be equally bad...although I was borderline overweight to begin with and quit lifting. I'd still use MFP, NOT for dieting reasons as you stated but just to make sure you're not going to town on calories and to make sure you're getting your calories from a healthy balance. The average woman only needs an additional 300 calories while pregnant, which isn't a whole lot extra..of course check w/your doc as some women may require more. There is no "eating for two". If you can, try and stay active even though it can be challenging. I've taken just to walking lately but it's something!
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    hi! i'm due in december with my first. horrid morning sickness meant eating nothing but cheese and crackers and cheerios, so I've gone a bit above what is a 'healthy' weight gain. at the moment, i should have gained 3-5 kilos but i've gained 9 :S so am now trying to focus more on eating healthy and slowing down the weight gain to get back on track with a healthy weight gain. am looking for friends who will be supportive and encouraging (and if one more person tells me "relax, your eating for two" I may scream.....putting on too much weight is dangerous for bub and for me!)
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    I'm 8 weeks and there are some great groups to join. You can add me if you like.
  • LAT1963
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    I'm not pregnant but I think using MFP to track your nutrition (for non-weight-loss reasons) while pregnant is a great idea.
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  • t_suski
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    I'm at 18 weeks with my first and have gained about 2 lbs (a rough average, because what the scale says fluctuates within a few pounds throughout the week). People are starting to tell me I need to be gaining more, but I never feel like I'm starving and I'm tracking calories and nutrients that I eat and I feel like I'm eating way more than I need to (sometimes in the form of milkshakes and peanut butter cups and pizza). I'm not going to worry about slow weight gain yet - I've got an ultrasound coming up soon and I'll have a chance to ask whether everything seems fine and whether I should be gaining more rapidly. Knowing my weight gain is lowish is pretty demotivating for exercise, because I already am having trouble identifying healthy ways to get more calories, and if I exercise more I have to eat more.
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    If it counts I'm usually pregnant with a food baby at least once every day;-)
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    Congrats! I'm 12 weeks along with my fourth and I read somewhere that your body only needs 300 additional calories a day to support a growing baby. Also, if you're planning on breastfeeding for the first year after baby comes, you will burn some serious calories, especially when baby is consuming more milk as he/she gets older.
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    HI! Congrats, I am FTM at 18w4d and I have gained about 8-10lbs pending my diet throughout the day. I gained most my 1st tri because I had 0 morning sickness (that is what I tell myself), pretty much maintained throughout this 2nd tri. From what I see it can be so different from person to person. Docs use BMI and I am considered overweight if I go by that before pregnancy. If I only gained 10-15 lbs as advised by the norm, the baby and I would starve! Anyway, I am using this again to make sure I have a good balance, I think it is a great tool. I did as someone else did and set mine to "maintain".
  • latiinamh
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    you can eat healthy but if you need more food your body will let you know! i didn't "eat for 2", but your appetite increases for a reason. 1 thing i don't miss is 1st trimester pregnancy hunger... the bottomless pit.
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    I'm currently pregnant (38w/3d!) and have used MFP throughout the entire pregnancy just to track my nutrients each day, not used to diet or lose by no means! So far I've gained 19lbs. (small frame - 5'4 height, 113lb. PP) - the majority was during my second trimester, I hardly gained in the first and have been pretty steady throughout the third. I've tried to maintain my exercise plan by working out 5x/week, but had to cut out running around the middle of the pregnancy due to intense hip flexor/groin pain on my left-leg! :( I've still been able to do the elliptical and easy upper body weight lifting and a little stationary bike riding. I think MFP is a great way to stay healthy and happy during pregnancy, it's helped me! Good luck and feel free to add me!
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    There is a great group on here for pregnant women -
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    I am 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have used MFP since finding out I was pregnant (albeit on and off!) but all I did was adjust my calorie intake to maintain my weight rather than loose. You only need an extra 300 calories in the last trimester which you can easily just adjust your settings to allow when the time comes.

    I started off at 147 lb and I am 5"7. I am now 27 weeks pregnant and 165 lb when I last weight myself which is a gain of 18 lb. The NHS states you should gain between 25 lb and 35 lb if you're in your healthy BMI when you fell pregnant.

    I am pleased with my gain so far and feel MFP has kept me on track when I have has a few off days and pigged out! I think I should probably gain another 13 lb roughly which will be a 31 lb weight gain in line with what’s recommended.

    If anyone wants to add me as a friend feel free :)
  • lizpirate
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    Me! I adjusted all my settings manually and have been using MFP to make sure I'm eating enough calories and getting my nutrients from the right places. I'm 13 weeks, 4 days and have gained ~2 lbs so far.
  • Athena98501
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    I'm nearly 27 weeks. At my last appointment, I had gained about 20, which they want to see slow down a bit. I haven't been tracking food, but I may have to start again soon.
  • change_of_heart
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    Yep, 16wks + 3days :) Have not used MFP in ages but really need to get my weight under control....hopefully this helps