Morning Workouts

I am thinking of doing my workouts before work. I work 9-5 and work is 30 mins away with gym literally down the road. Just wondering if many of you do your workouts before work?

Tbh I hate going to the gym in the evening when its busy! Just want to know how you dont feel tired throughout the day? Also how many hours sleep do you get the night before?


  • 126siany
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    I used to work out before work when there was a gym in our building. Saved me a lot of time vs. after work or at lunch because only 1 shower/hair/makeup routine.

    The only problem was readjusting the time I went to bed so that I got sufficient sleep.
  • Adefowler
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    I love working out in the mornings. Because then there's no excuses. The longer the day gets, the more excuses I'll make for why I can't go work out. "I'm too tired." "I've gotta cook dinner." "The kids need stuff." "It's too hot."
  • sunsoakeddreamer
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    I started working out before work about a month ago- I work out at home and we do not have AC, so afternoons were getting *brutal*. So far I love it! I feel very energized in the morning, and as long as I have plenty to eat through the day my energy stays up. Also keeps me from taking two showers a day, and I'm doing less laundry since I sleep in my work out gear and roll out of bed ready to go, lol.
    The true test will be keeping it up when the mornings get dark.
    ETA- If I haven't gotten at least 7 hours when the work out alarm goes off I go back to bed and either call it a rest day or push the workout to the afternoon. IMO- all that hard work is for nothing if your body isn't getting proper rest.
  • altesse7
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    I go to Bootcamp every morning at 5:30 am, and it actually gives me tons of energy to get through my day! I work out for an hour doing cardio/ strength with about 20 other woman, it's an hour away from my house. This is my 3rd month doing it and I LOVE it!
  • Nefarious_1
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    I do my workout in the morning because it works best for my schedule. I've also read a little about how working out first thing in the morning is good because your insulin levels have normalized while sleeping. I will also add that I actually feel more energized throughout the day on days I work out than on days I don't.
  • annabellj
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    extra energy throughout the day, boost in metabolism, change in attitude, gets it over with so there's no excuses or something else comes up. whats not to love?
  • daveymac31
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    I work out at 5:30 am before work. I am usually there for an hour, hour and a half. I feel energized throughout the day. The first little while is rough getting up, but now its no big deal. The good part is, its done for the day! If you feel like squeezing in a little cardio after work, you can! Enjoy!
  • FitnessLover001
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    Do it before work! I don't have to be at work until 9, so I get to the gym at 5am and work until I'm done. That gives me enough time to go home and get ready for work. When you work out in the mornings before the day "begins" you don't have to think about fitting it into your busy schedule after work. You don't have to choose between working out or going out after work, because you've already worked out, so you get to go out after work :) plus, in the afternoon, I feel super sluggish and not as eager to "go hard" in the gym as I am if I do it first thing in the morning. Plus, it's not crowded in the early mornings!
  • I workout at 6am or earlier. I find it better because I'm a morning person, there are barely any people there crowding machines, and also it means you wake your body up earlier, and it has been said it can cause your metabolism to kick start earlier.

    To be honest though each persons workout is individual, and you need to find a routine that works for you, try it for a week/month and go from there.
  • TR0berts
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    I'm a the gym between 5:30-6:00AM. Otherwise, getting to the power cage or squat rack is a crapshoot.

    As far as not being tired all day goes, I just eat breakfast right after - usually 3 eggs, a slice of cheese, and some buttered toast. It's a good mix of protein, fat, and carbs. Works for me. YMMV.

    I typically get 6-7 hours of sleep.
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    I work out in the morning, before work. I find that on workout days I feel more energetic for the remainder of the day. I'm not really a morning person, so it took some convincing to get into this routine. But I'm so much more consistent than when I used to try to go in the evening and things kept getting in the way. Also, many fewer people at my Y at 6 a.m. than 7 p.m.
  • thenewkayla08
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    I LOVE working out in the mornings! It gets it out of the way. Plus you don't have to go to a completely packed gym after work when really all you want to do is go home and spend time with your family. Between 8-5 you can think of a thousand excuses not to go to the gym. But in the mornings, shoot your not even awake enough to think so just get yourself up! :) I get 6-7 hours of sleep a night. Get up at 4:30, to the gym by 5, home by 6 which gives me plenty of time to shower and get to work by 7:30. I'm one of the weirdos that believe working out really does give you energy! It does! I feel so much better throughout the day if I have worked out that morning. When I don't go, my day is completely messed up and I'm left feeling blah all day.
    Get up and do it in the mornings! You will not regret it! :D
  • I've got an elliptical trainer at home and do try to get on it before I go to work purely because I can't work out nearly as hard after a whole day at work. I get around 7-8 hours sleep a night and eat a small amount of porridge about 30 mins before I start.
  • kwaz29
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    Morning workouts can be great!

    I usually work out at night but sometimes, like today, I have something planned after work so I get up early in the AM to make sure I still get my workout in. I usually go to sleep around 11 and am up by 6:30 or 7am, done, showered and on the bus by 8:20 if I am working out at home, ie going for a run, or will shower at my gym and head straight to work after if I go in before work.

    The hardest part for me is really getting out of bed. The workout is fine once I am up, but it is a struggle to get out from under the blankets. You just have to be able to motivate yourself to go!

    I usually don't feel any more tired during the rest of the day, but if I do I just get an extra cup of coffee. Coffee is nice. Coffee will be your friend!
  • Mbierschbach
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    I work out in the morning. I go to bed ~ 10:30 and get up at 4:30 a.m. Brush teeth, get in workout clothes, get to gym ~ 4:50. The sign says they open at 5:00 a.m. but they're cool enough to open it a little early. I do 60 min of weight training and 30 minutes of cardio and I'm outta there by 6:30. I've got my full workout in before some people hit the snooze button. My reasoning is the same as some other posters - I've got no excuses at 4:30 a.m. There's no traffic, hell - most of the stop lights are flashing yellow, no other commitments - just go do it. I have the luxury of living so close to my YMCA I even return home to shower so I don't have to mess with taking work clothes, toiletries, etc. I'm usually in the office by 7:45.
  • dswolverine
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    I get to the gym at 5am. I'd be lying if i said i loved it, but what I do love is getting it out of the way and having my evenings free. Getting up that early really blows though
  • Jennloella
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    yup I get up at 430 to not only work out before work, but before the kids wake up.
  • SRDB00
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    I love working out in the mornings. Because then there's no excuses. The longer the day gets, the more excuses I'll make for why I can't go work out. "I'm too tired." "I've gotta cook dinner." "The kids need stuff." "It's too hot."


    Except for "love working out" part. I am in the gym at 5am so I wont come up with excuses for why I'm not exercising. I have at least an hour (each way) commute and my biggest excuse was I was too tired to go after work hence gaining most of the weight back I'd lost!
  • Smirnoff65
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    I work nightshift, finish at 7am and go straight to the gym do a couple of hours, shower then go home to bed, suits me perfectly and there is not too many around the gym at that time of the morning.
  • Thanks for all the input! I was told by a PT that cardio in the morning before having a big meal is meant to be very good in helping to lose fat, guess that must be the whole shocking the body thing and speeding metabolism. What is really helping me decidw is the fact that the gym just 10 mins walk tops and so could just have shower there take quick shake and go straight to work to have proper breakfast.

    I don't want tp take coffee or any energy drinks to keep me going through the last part of the day i.e. 4pm - 5pm. Any suggestions to keep energy up incase i start feeling sluggish?? Thanks!!