For the curvy girls: Swimsuits for All

I just received a couple tankinis that I ordered from them and I'm pretty impressed. It's been a long time since I've had a properly fitting swimsuit, maybe never. It was only $40 for both suits and shipping. Not bad. They fit right and look cute, cover what they need to and provide support. The best part is that the padded bra is sewn in so no pads shifting around or falling out! Yay. I didn't love their website or customer service but I'd definitely order from them again to get a suit I feel comfortable in. Make sure to search promo codes before you place your order. Also, they run a little small. I'm 5'8" 150 and a size 8 but I ordered a size 10 and it fits but the bottoms are a tad on the snug side.


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    Bumping to help the curvy girls :flowerforyou:
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    I LOVE the models! They give a better idea of what a suit will actually look like on me. This is an awesome site. I need to look into what shipping to Canada will be like. Thanks for sharing!

    I just bought a bathing suit yesterday....I saw a 50% off sign in a swim suit store...went in, picked up three bathing suits, and the first one I picked up and tried on, I bought. Super cute 1950's pin up suit with boy shorts. I actually felt pretty hot (which is crazy because I've gained 30 pounds in the last I have been feeling more like a whale than a pin up lol)
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    I've bought products from this company. I was very happy with the customer service. My tankini and board shorts got to me really fast, fit well, and look great! :)
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    Just got a package from them this morning. I was actually surprised because I'd ordered from and didn't realize it came from swimsuitsforall until I saw the package and invoice.

    ETA: And, it's all going back. I bought two suits, A 24 and a 20, hoping that I wouldn't need to look for a suit when the temps start dropping. I received a 24 racerback that fit well but the paired shorts were ready to fall off and despite being sold as one suit, the bottoms do not look like they go with the suit. The black even looks more faded than the top. The other suit, was supposed to be a 20 halter top but I received a 24 that no matter how tight I tied it, I looked like my boobs were going to fall out at any second. The paired shorts, again sold as one suit, were the correctly ordered size and fit better than I expected but since they were bought as one suit, they'll have to go back as well.