It's Not Going

It's not going :noway:

Dropped below 15st twice by 0.5lb, but it's been around the 15st/15st 1lb for weeks now.

Clothes had changed and the stomach overhang had reduced (lovely!), but it's all come to a grinding halt.

I really, really hope the triathlon training does something!

If I get the ok from the physio, I'm hoping the focus on the training and keeping with the healthy eating has weight loss as a much welcome side effect.


  • hiker583
    hiker583 Posts: 91 Member
    Did you just start your training? I run marathons, and am also thinking of going for triathlon now. Whenever I start a new training, some weight gain just comes from gaining the muscles and body storing some extra fat to prepare for the new challenge. Focus on the clothes and how they are fitting rather than just scale.
  • MrsMizart
    MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
    Thank you :)

    I've just started doing more walking. Had to wait to find out if my leg/ankle had healed properly (it has!) and if it had, why my left foot doesn't work properly/get the go ahead to walk more. Seeing the physio again next week and will ask then if I can aim for a triathlon sometime in the next year.

    It's disappointing to not drop any weight when my diet is so comparatively good these days, but I'll try and focus on the clothes and on being able to walk further and faster.