Low-income, or on a budget

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Here are some great resources for those trying to eat healthfully and deliciously, even if you might be on a super tight budget (food stamps included):

http://boingboing.net/2014/08/01/sista-girl-felicia-a-odell.html (Warning: NSFW language)

http://www.leannebrown.ca/cookbooks/ (There is a free download for eating/cooking on $4 a day!)

http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2014/08/01/337141837/cheap-eats-cookbook-shows-how-to-eat-well-on-a-food-stamp-budget (Great article, full of good references and resources)

And my personal favorite:


Happy eating and happy saving!

EDIT: Sista Girl is not necessarily HEALTHY, but cheap and entertaining.


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    Always helpful!

    NPR just did a story on this free new cookbook that focuses on healthy, tasty recipes on a food stamp budget:
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    Juuuuust kidding, you included that one already! Clearly I need to eat something. ;)
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    Also include www.livingonadime.com (also includes stuff on other things as well as food).

    I always see good ideas in this blog.
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    Thanks for the super links... always looking to keep nutritious eating on a budget-friendly level!