Interviewing MFP legends: MireyGal76



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    I like this so much. Nice job Taunto & Mirey - you are awesome! Kitteh HIGH 5~

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    Good Post! and looking good MireyGal
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    This is awesome! Great idea, Taunto. Thanks for sharing, Mirey.:heart:
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    I love this!!! Love Mirey!!! ♡♡♡
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    This is awesome, and so is she!
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    lol 'bitter pill of reality'. well said.

    honestly didn't realize that you work out relatively few hrs compaired to some.

    pretty sure you know i've been recovering from an injury for quite awhile. when i finally get back into it i am likely going to scale things back quite a bit.
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    Miley = awesome for being awesome
    Taunto = awesome for showing us the awesome

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    Awesome interview :) Thanks for the interview and thanks for sharing it with us :)
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    Plus Mirey is awesome!
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    Bumping for awesomeness. You rock Mirey! Thanks to Taunto for a great idea. I look forward to more interviews :)
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    One thing I wanted to add, and it's spurred by a friend who shared this with me, is that I struggle too.

    I have days where I just don't have anything left in me to keep giving. Days where I want to give up and cry because of the load that life / work / family / health / house / kids / parents weighs. Those days happen to everyone, and most certainly me.

    The thing is, you can't let those days drive you into the ground and keep you there.
    Fall if you must.
    Lay for a moment and cry if you must.

    Then sit up, wipe of any blood from the fall, and get back to your feet and start to walk it off.

    We all fall. Every single one of us.
    It's whether you get up again that defines your success.


    here's a link to the blog about one of my bad days...
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    like the rocky/Xbox one commercial ;)