Fat, Unfit 'n' Fifty Starts Triathlon Training!

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The good news for the day!

I saw the physio today - he's fine with me doing a Triathlon :-))) He used to do them! He did warn me that they're addictive...

I can even start 'running' so long as I take it very steady and build up slowly, i.e. lots of walking interjected with short bits of running (which will not be an issue!).

I have to see the orthotics team, to see if they can figure out why my foot doesn't quite work properly any more and maybe to have insoles for my running shoes.

It makes it hard to think of the training without my wee dog with me, she has liver failure, but as least I have the good memories and she'll be comfortable and peaceful in the time she has left.

I went for my first 'run' this evening!

Okay, so it was a lot of walking interspersed with a sort of jog trot, but it was 50/50 :bigsmile:. I got home feeling great. Hot and sweaty, but great. It was a also a way of reaching acceptance about my dog. The route I took was the one I took last time I ran (can't remember when that was, maybe a year ago) and she was with me. I talked to her all the way round and they were loverly memories.

I was surprised I felt as fit as I did, which others wouldn't consider to be fit but was for me :ohwell: , and that my leg muscles felt as good as they did. A few times a bit of a leg twinged so I swapped to the other gait or changed the movement or beat of the footfall and the twinge went away.

I'll update as I go so anyone thinking of doing the same (a Sprint Triathlon) from a starting point of being fat, unfit, and fifty can see what's ahead :bigsmile:


  • joanthemom8
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    Great job! Have you thought of doing Couch to 5 K (C25K)? It is what I used to get running at the ripe old age of 46! I loved it! I also have to be careful - I have plantar fascitis, a bone spur and some hamstring issues (all on the same leg - bummer). Good luck to you....I think you will do great!:flowerforyou:
  • Elliehmltn
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    Me, too. Achilles tendon. I'm returning to running after a layoff to rest it. I walk half a mile, then do run 2 minutes/walk 1 for awhile (adding a couple sets each time) then walk half a mile to finish. Started with about a mile and a half maybe 3 weeks ago, up to 3.75 today! Yay! Note: I'm in good aerobic shape with strong legs from biking. I've been active and athletic, just not running.