Any Filipinos and/or lovers of Filipino food on here?

I'm Cuban...but my boyfriend is Filipino and BOY OH BOY does his mom's cooking stall my weight loss! Haha! FIlipino food is absolutely delicious but some of the dishes are made with SO MUCH FAT! AH! I've looked up some of my favorite dishes on this database and I feel like their caloric value is so much more! lol


  • Christin09
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    OMG! What are the dishes? How bad are the dishes? I have a coworker who is Filipino and trying to lose weight...
  • balfonso
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    I'm filipino. I know what you mean. Fried this, fried that. Pansit (like chow mein), lumpia (spring rolls), sticky rice pudding (aka Bibingka) etc etc. I try to not eat so much whenever I go round to my mum's. AND Christmas is coming up, and I know she likes to cook for an entire army so hopefully I can pre-warn her that there's no need to cook so much, but it's a cultural tradition to eat eat eat at pot lucks.

    Longanisa is one of my favourites but I eat it very rarely as I know it's just pure fat lol and gives me nasty burps after.

    Another favourite is Sinigang with pork ribs. Mmmm...I haven't had that in while....

    Or a winter favourite, or if I'm ill, my mum cooks me Arroz Caldo. Yum! (Starch-fest!)
  • stephnsuarez
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    I meant that for example, I just ate Lechon Paksiw, which is a roast pork stew..and for an 100g serving it is apparently 214 calories. I think it is SO MUCH more than that! It is delicious though :) I just haven't encountered one "light" filipino dish. It's nearly impossible!!!
  • mirahonthawall
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    i'm half filipino, i live for pancit and lumpia!!!

    not sure how i'll do when i go home for the holidays, cause my mom knows pancit is my favourite and will have it ready for me....i'm going into this with moderation in mind :D
  • Pinoy_Pal
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    Yes...a lot of fat...but Mmmmmm so Gooooood!

  • Claudia007
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    I am not Fillipino but LOVE the food. OMG just thinking of lumpia is making my mouth water!
  • elmct57
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    major carbs from starch content and the fat we're not gonna go there at all...but it's so :love: TASTY...!:heart: Happy Holidays & good luck with mama's cooking! :bigsmile:
  • ddurley
    Hey, I'm a Filipina in the house. Yes, Filipino food is awesome, but not necessarily the best for losing weight if you load up on a lot of the pansit canton (noodle-shrimp dish) and lechon (the skin of the pig).

    I find it easier to stick with the less processed foods, like rice, stews, etc. I'm also vegetarian, and so I just make sure that whoever is cooking makes part of the dish (usually with pork) without meat.

    Portion control is also important, as well as eating small amounts every few hours. You'll find at gatherings and parties that people are constantly eating all throughout the night. It's more of an experience than just eating, so I think the gab and socializing helps cut down on the food-to-mouth amount.

    Enjoy the food. Filipinos know where it's at.
  • ashley_h10
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    my husband is filipino and so i totally know...those events are deadly for weight loss...buffet easy to lose track. not to mention everyone is on your case to eat!
  • AnaNotBanana
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    My best friend if half Filipino and her mom makes amazing food!!! If I could eat lumpia and siopao everyday I would be so happy!!
  • UpToAnyCool
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    my pal designated me 'honorary' - I <3 lumpia!