My bike

secwife47 Posts: 29 Member
I love my bike. Six months go I wouldn't of dreamed of riding one. And no way in public! Now I ride every evening, weather permitting. Some days I look at myself and think your still so fat! But when I think I was over 300 pounds. It grosses me out. Funny strangers on here know what I weighed. But my own husband will never know. Just was in a weird mood and wanted to tell everyone how such a simple thing can make me so happy. That's my success story for today. Hope everyone has one.


  • gjz123
    gjz123 Posts: 19 Member
    That is quite a success story! Way to go!
  • Brooklyn703
    Brooklyn703 Posts: 18 Member
    I agree. I ride my bike a lot. I don't know why I didn't do it before. I love biking. I think it's from when I was a kid--all I did was ride my bike. t's the only exercise that I do that does not feel like exercise.

    Keep up the great work!
  • CindyMarcuzAdams
    CindyMarcuzAdams Posts: 4,005 Member
    Your story made me smile. Two weeks ago I bought his and hers bikes and an exercise bike. I am loving it too. I cant go farther than 15 minutes but its a start.

  • Luckee_me
    Luckee_me Posts: 1,426 Member
    That's a great story.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Good luck to you.
  • wizzybeth
    wizzybeth Posts: 3,564 Member
    Awesome!! I'm thrilled with my bike too. I got it last summer. I still have a ways to go...I'm still fat but hubby and I did14.5 miles along the river the other night!
  • lindainprogress
    lindainprogress Posts: 129 Member
    I am having a bit of an affair with my bike as well. so much so that I bought a trainer so I could ride all winter, even if just in my basement. got a good price on the trainer on craigslist and found some indoor work outs on you tube
  • Joanne_happygramma
    Joanne_happygramma Posts: 207 Member
    So proud of you and I know the feeling. Traded in my hybrid for a cruiser a couple of weeks ago, been too hot here (I am a wimp) but looking forward to enjoying my bike as much as you are enjoying yours. In the words of Freddie Mercury - get on your bike and ride!!!!
  • Peloton73
    Peloton73 Posts: 148 Member
    That's awesome! I was riding the local bike path and there were all shapes and sizes riding. I smiled because it was so awesome knowing that nobody cared what you looked like, all that mattered was we were all out there getting healthy.
  • ajff
    ajff Posts: 986 Member

    We must be twins.

    Ditto with the husband thing.
    Ditto with the bike thing.

    Happy trails!
  • nancytyc
    nancytyc Posts: 119 Member
    Hated riding a bike when I was a kid. Even used to leave for school half an hour earlier because I hated riding to school. About a year ago, I started with a Schwinn from Target and fell in love with riding as an adult. Now, I own a high end Trek and it travels with me all over the country (I am a truck driver). I get to ride in the mountains in Washington, the flats (today, here in California), along the rivers, over all the greenway and rail trails.....everywhere. I love it.

    I love it so much, that I have convinced my husband to do a cross country ride from Washington state to Maine (might be from California to Maine, up in the air still on that). Anyway, we plan to do that in March 2016, so we try and train about 5 days per week. We do about 15 - 20 miles at 14-16mph. In the mountains...not so fast, LOL.

    Keep up the riding and good luck towards your personal goals.
  • lajpeck
    lajpeck Posts: 83 Member
    I love riding too. I get out on my bike now and it is so much better having lost the weight. I did almost 12 miles yesterday. I am still not that fast on it and it is a low end bike, but I love it just the same.
  • I love bike riding! ...but I need (want) a new one. Hubs got a Zize Bike...thing is like riding an armchair down the trail. Mine feels like a jackhammer in comparison and I'm toats jelly.
  • JG762
    JG762 Posts: 571 Member
    I've discovered that I like riding a bunch, I just bought another new bike last Sunday.
    I have 2, one that I leave at home (the new one) and one that I can leave/use at work.
  • ValGogo
    ValGogo Posts: 2,168 Member
    I love my bike too. It's a relationship. We're in love.
  • davidp2711
    davidp2711 Posts: 42 Member
    my bike was the best purchase and has helped this year
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