what are the benefits of fish oil

I see a lot of people on here talking about fish oil. what are the benefits of it and are there any side effects? Also is it affordable and is there a certain brand I should buy if I decided to take it? Thanks


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    Fish burps!
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    I don't want fish burps lol
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    Helps with your joints, hair, skin, and immune system. Check this out: http://tomnikkola.com/9-serious-health-benefits-of-fish-oil/

    It doesn't really matter which brand you use, I use my local supermarket's brand and it works just fine. I've used GNC's brand and liked it, I'm thinking about trying bodybuilding.com's brand soon. It's relatively cheap no matter where you get it.
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    I have heard some say it's great for your heart and others say it is terrible for you...I really have no idea. When I was in counseling, my therapist suggested a low dose daily to help neurons fire properly in my brain and ease anxiety. I have no clue if it really works or not, but I've been taking 1 capsule (recommended dose 3 capsules) for the past 2 years w/ no ill effects. I do have far less anxiety but that could well be a variety of other things that have improved in my life, probably not the fish oil ;-)

    ETA: I don't remember the brand I buy but they're cheap at Target and "burpless"
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    Enteric (sp?) coated really helps.
    Some people are just fine with the flavored stuff.
    Not me.

    I feel like omega-3s are important, but I do not eat the correct foods.
    So I supplement.

    I take one that has 900mg of omega-3 per 1 softgel serving.

    ETA: I take GNC's Triple Strength Fish Oil. It's maybe $25-ish for two months supply and almost always buy one get one half priced.
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    It's a great natural lubricant if you're allergic to vaseline.
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    Schiff Mega Red are burpless and they come in extra strength. One capsule everyday 500 mg.

    Supposed to be good for your heart. I have been taking it for about 18 months.
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    Here is what the mayo clinic recomend for dosing:http://www.mayoclinic.org/drugs-supplements/omega-3-fatty-acids-fish-oil-alpha-linolenic-acid/dosing/hrb-20059372
    It also gives all the benifits for each dose. If you are on any medication make sure to talk with your doctor for any drug interactions.
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    As with any vitamin, don't OVER-DO it.
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    I became interested in fermented cod liver oil after I discovered Wellness Mama’s website. I now take a half teaspoon to one teaspoon of fermented cod liver oil/butter oil blend a day and have no intention of stopping any time soon! Check out her site for more info on the benefits of cod liver oil:


    She sites several sources to back up the “claims” behind the benefits. I use the same brand she recommends, and I do not experience the horrible fish burps some folks mention in conjunction with other sources of fish oil.
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    The claim that fish oil for heart health are false.
    A popular study from the 1970s that helps sell millions of dollars' worth of fish oil supplements worldwide is deeply flawed, according to a new study being published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.


    "I reviewed this original paper and it turned out to be that they actually never measured the frequency of heart disease in [Inuit]," said Dr. George Fodor, the new study's lead researcher.

    How in the heck was that overlooked?
    "Most of the researchers never read [the original 1970s] papers. They just took it at face value that what they said is so," Fodor said.

    "The fish oil capsules I don't think will stand up to a critical review. They simply don't do anything for you," he said. "The people should know that it doesn't help to prevent heart disease."
    Sometimes even the most skeptical fail at being skeptical.

    I still take fish oil for the joint support - at least until that is shown otherwise.

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    Please make sure to find naturally sourced fish oil and not from farmed fish. I use the Kirkland brand from Costco...no fish burps. My ortho doc and PT recommend fish oil over glucosimine for joint health.
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    Don't take fish oil specifically on its own, but take a balanced omega supplement that is comprised of two or three oils, fish oil being one. Since I've taken it and it got a chance to build up in my system (took 2 weeks in my case), its been like rocket fuel, and simply put I've never once felt mentally tired like I might have in the past. I've been taking it for years now, and its one of my three core supplements every day with my multivitamin and b-complex :)
  • We've been using these Omega 3 supplements http://visiongroupcorp.com/omega3.html after workout, for muscle and joint pains and cramps. Doc says Omega 3 is good for the brain and the heart... just store them in the fridge, no fish after taste.
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    I take fish oil for knee and hip issues and I think it really works. The stuff I get is odourless, so no fish burps! And in case there is thought it might be a placebo effect, my folks started giving it to their dog, who has bad arthritis and it's like she's 5 years younger!
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    Rub it on your legs. It attracts cats. If you do not like cats then avoid the rubbing.
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    Supposedly it helps with cholesterol and skin and nail health, I got some of this to see for myself. It tastes like lemon icing:
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    Fish oil is one of the few supplements worth your money.

    Omega-3s have an anti-inflammatory response while Omega-6s have a pro-inflammatory response. You want a higher Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, but the typical american diet is very high in Omega-6 and low in Omega-3.

    Enter EPA and DHA (Omega-3s). Make sure whatever brand you get lists how much EPA and DHA it has and compare prices so you get the most of them for your money.

    I've tried the GNC triple strength and now am using some Carlson Labs. I haven't had any bad experiences with "fish burp" with either if I take them with a meal.
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    It's supposed to help with depression, too, but they took high doses in the study. I take the dosage recommended on the bottle. I don't know if it does anything. I take regular capsules and rarely get fish burps. I tried an orange flavored mixture once that was pretty good. I got it as a sample.