Finding The Right Workout Shoes

Hello Everyone! I'll try to keep it short and sweet!(as much as possible anyways lol)

I'm a little slow to realize these shoes I bought last year are not providing me with enough support. Example is when I tried to do Insanity last year I actually had to take my shoes OFF because they were causing my feet to hurt and I believe my Achilles tendon. I had a few months hiatus when I wasn't working out at all, and more recently I've been doing a Step class at a gym(which I LOVE) - and I'm noticing when there is a lot of jumping up etc, that I start feeling the same type of discomfort.

The shoes I bought were Under Armor running shoes(I didn't put any thought into the TYPE of shoes I bought.. rookie mistake maybe?) And after looking around a bit I started reading about how different types of shoes lend different types of support based on the types of movements you'll be doing. I like to do everything. HIIT, cardio machines, strength training, step class, etc(i really HATE running though... ) What "type" of shoes would be best? I have a high arc in my feet as well, so I'm assuming I need sufficient support there as well.

I read that it would be helpful to go to an athletic shoe store and have them do different types of measurements and tests to find the right fit. That seems a bit much.

Looking for some wisdom if anyone has experience in such an area.

Thanks! :smile: