Newbie here!

Hi! I HOPE so bad that this is not my only post here! I hope this is day one of many, many days of happy posting! I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life and I am about an all time high right now. I eat horrible, I admit it. My addiction is FOOD! Food is such a powerful, evil thing to me. ;) I either try to "diet" or I just eat whatever the heck I want, whenever I want and how much I want. Of course, this leads to the super lazy me. There are so, so many reasons to lose the weight, and the right way. Of course, we all want to look and feel good. But for me a HUGE reason is my daughters. They are my life, and I want to live life to the fullest with them. I'm tired of feeling restricted from things that are our passion. Hiking for one. It's our favorite thing to do. I'm always the one in the back, slowing down my crew, sweating like there is no tomorrow with a beat read face and feeling like my entire throat is shutting and no air is going in! LOL. Not to mention I'd like panties that aren't the same size as my tank tops. haha. I need friends here!!! I am sooooo ready for this but I need people on the same journey as me, or ones who have been down this road. Here I go!!


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    Hi, I like to hike too, and I've lost this weight with that being my main exercise. You can do it, but you have to want it bad enough to do it every day & keep on doing it the next day even when you slip up.

    I started at 327# almost a year and a half ago. Here is my one year progress post:

    Feel free to send me a friend request. Best of luck to you!
  • Time4Change777
    I had some of the same thoughts tonight! In fact, I have started and stopped using myfitnesspal so many times that I forced myself to create a new one because I couldn't stand to see that I had gained weight since the last time I logged on. So, let this be the first of many logins! :happy:
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    You can do this! Add me for encouragement and support if you would like.
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    This is my first time truly using this site and since i've become dedicated to it the pounds have started to fall off. Accountability is the key to success for me because it tricks my mind into feeling like i'm losing weight for more than just me (I tend to treat myself last). This week i find that I'm logging on and accurately measuring everything for more than myself.. i'm doing it for my team.. my "pals"