Anyone using a FitBit?

I'm thinking about getting a FitBit, but I'm having a hard time actually seeing everything that it does. Is anyone here using one? Are they good, or should I save my money?


  • itsbasschick
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    depends on what you want a fitbit to do. they're fun, they can be motivating.

    i have a fitbit, and while i have mixed feelings about it, it does count all your steps all the time, the speed of your steps, and calculated your approximate daily burn. it can be linked to MFP, so if you do lots of walking at the store, at work or where ever, it can post extra calories burned each day, and it can see how many calories you've eaten and how much water you drink by getting the info from your MFP account.

    here are the folks to ask more about the fitbit at the MFP fitbit users group
  • caseyjarryn
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    I have a fitbit. It's good motivation to get up and move, as it really highlights how sedentary I am (work in an office).
    I think there are probably better options on market though, when I was looking to buy I originally wanted to get the withings pulse O2, it does what the fitbit does but it can also measure your heartbeat and blood oxygen level (not sure how useful that is?). However it's not available in Australia, so I went with the fitbit.
  • lynn2064
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    I have had a FitBit for over a year now and love it. It tracks sleep and steps taken during the day. It also has an option to link with friends so you can see where your steps are in relation to them. I use the Flex because I work outdoors and this was the easiest option for me. You can also allow it to take negative calories if you have not moved enough in a day. This must be done on the FitBit site and cannot be done via the MFP app though.
  • KatyE213
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    I love my FitBit, I had the Ultra and now have the One. I love how it interacts with MFP and how I can see how active (or not!) I've been and the resulting calories that are added on/deducted accordingly. (The negative calorie adjustment CAN be set via MFP!)
    I think for the cost of it a FitBit is well worth it, as the use of the dashboard (website) is free.
  • rachael79mfp
    I just bought one. I have found it annoying around my wrist and have put it in my pocket.
    So far it seems to be doing what it says it supposed to do, counting steps for me, with good accuracy. I won't be using it as a sleep tracker.
    I don't use the social functions but I can see how they could be motivating for some.
  • chadya07
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    i got mine a week ago. after questioning it a lot. i had a 12 dollar pedometer and thought it was the same thing.

    the difference is not HUGE but it is worth the price difference... it has really enlightened me on how much i was oversetimating my walks when i go out all day. . i found out i average 10,000 steps and 5 miles a day which i never eat back but its good to know so i can try to up that. and what got me to buy it is that it calculates your BMR and counts that as your burn and lets you know GENERALLY how much of a defecit you have each day. its general though. i use the fitbit only to give me a general idea of what i am doing right or wrong. it was worth it. i also like that i clip it on my bra and not my waist and dont even know its there.

    walmart has a special where you get a 20 dollar gift card if you buy a green one.

    i had a really hard time getting anyone, even fitbits website, to tell me why it was better than a pedometer, but once i got it i got it.
  • CuAlMc
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    i had the fitbit zip last year and loved it I just upgraded today for the fitbit one and cant wait to try the sleep function. I did get a garmin vivofit yesterday and didn't like it(used it overnight and wasn't happy as its nearly double the price) so I took it back and got the one I love it so far