Eat before run, or run before eat is better?

Is it true that if you workout cardio in the morning before you eat breakfast, your body will burn more fat than compared to eating breakfast, then do cardio- as your body will use the energy from the carbs you just ate? I find that I have more energy to workout (running) after I eat, but I also tried running before eating as well, and it is not that bad. However, I want to know which way will help burn more fat, and I read some articles that said running before eating will use the fat as the first resource...


  • RHachicho
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    From what I have heard walking is pretty much the only exercise you should do fasted. Anything more intense will have a tendency to burn some lean mass as well. Personally I have had quite a lot of success with no fasted cardio. And there are split opinions as to whether it is a good idea or not even if you keep the intensity relatively low.

    Personally I chose rather than to do something that no one is sure of I would do something everyone is sure of. I.e Non fasted cardio.
  • albayin
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    I have been always working out first thing in the morning with empty stomach. I can't run, or jump or move fast with full stomach. but that's just me.
  • nikkohli
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    I am sure someone with more scientific knowledge will answer but in my opinion, do whatever makes you feel like you perform your best! I personally have to have even just a cheese stick or a yogurt--I am sure I could run fasted but I mentally feel ready if I have a small bite in the AM.
  • Liftng4Lis
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    I was told this was ideal for ultimate burning. I never eat before the gym (I do go in the morning). I found out I wasn't as effective when I tried to eat first.
  • texasfarmer
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    Not sure which is better, but I run at day break and if I eat first I feel like I will throw up. I just make sure I drink water before I run and then eat after.
  • salladeve
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    I can't run if I don't have any fuel. I'll usually just eat some protein and water then head out.
  • RHachicho
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    I don't think it's any kind of magic bullet. If that's what you are asking. If it fits into you're routine then give it a try. But i don't think it's worth stressing out over to include.

    I will admit i don't have much experience with it myself. I can't really do much until I get my cereal. People who saw me running or walking down the street like that would think the it's the zombie apocalypse. So I'm hardly an authority.

    I did just fine without it tho can say that :)
  • queenierz
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    I forgot to include that Usually when I eat first, i would wait for two hours to feel less full and then workout so that I wont feel like throwing up...
  • nikkohli
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    I forgot to include that Usually when I eat first, i would wait for two hours to feel less full and then workout so that I wont feel like throwing up...

    How much are you eating? If I tried to run after eggs, sausage, toast, and coffee I would feel gross. I find I do my best if I have something small (under 100 cals) but save my "real" breakfast for after the run.

    Good luck!
  • Adaniel65
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    I work out every morning (except Sunday) at 5:30 am alternating bootcamp and Les Mills Bodypump - I eat a half banana with about a tablespoon on peanut butter. Does not give me the full feeling but gives me a little immediate fuel so I can keep up. Bootcamp is not joke either...
  • Azdak
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    The fuel substrates burned during exercise have almost no effect on stored body fat. "Fasted cardio" is not a useful fat-loss strategy for the average person.

    People can often exercise in a fasted state because, even fasted, our bodies still have a lot of stored energy. However, one cannot dictate the balance of fats/carbs used during exercise. The ratio of fats to carbs is determined primarily by exercise intensity, and secondarily by duration.

    There is no universal rule for eating before exercise because their are different conditions: the type, intensity, and duration of exercise, the training status of the individual, eating habits in the previous days, etc.
  • sdelo7
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    I personally cannot run or do high intensity exercise after eating. Walking is fine. I do need some fuel so I will have a light snack an hour before a workout.