Treadmill or Road Running or Stationary Bike?

MrsMizart Posts: 1,275 Member
Debating exercising in the fast approaching darker nights and icy roads.

I have an urge to buy an exercise machine for cardio work.

Or, is it better to shift my bum out onto the streets and run (well, my bumbling version of it)?


  • DavPul
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    It's better to stay alive. Increases odds of reaching goals. Go outside when it's safe, don't when it's not
  • kelzz27
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    I have a treadmill and a exercise bike, but personally I prefer my bike as its easier on my knees and I love the fact that instead of sitting watching telly I can use my bike instead and get a good workout.
  • MrsMizart
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    Thank you :-)

    Good point on the staying alive and safe!

    Interesting re. the exercise bike over the treadmill, hadn't thought of the knees. Maybe I could get one of the stand things for the normal bike (or even the fold-up bike!) and have a treadmill.

    I seem to be leaning the treadmill way and I'm not sure why.
  • ME0172
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    I run different for some reason on a treadmill than on the road. I almost always hurt my back when I use a treadmill for distance. I can only use it for sprint work. Having said that, I've had great success with a stationary bike for when the weather is too bad to road run. Also a good stationary bike is less expensive than a good treadmill so that was a plus for my budget lol.
  • idmalone
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    I think buy the machine you will use. Machines have a catch in that they are not 'real condition' training BUT they are inside and can still build cardio fitness and definitely help lose weight. I use an elliptical because of a bad knee and heel spurs. What I have learned is get the level up high, never have it on zero incline or hill height etc, and use it to interval train. But the main thing is buy one you love and like being on! No point if you end up with an expensive clothing rack... I had a few serious trainer peeps go on and on about how dumb ellipticals were - the research does not back them up and my conditions do not compare to theirs. (270 pound fattie compared to professional athletes, lol). If I had space, I would have a couple of different machines but alas, that is not to be.
  • eddiedamn
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    It's better to stay alive. Increases odds of reaching goals. Go outside when it's safe, don't when it's not

    :happy: Sums it up!

    I'd choose whichever indoor means you'll be the most likely to use. I'm a big fan of the treadmill but most of my friends deplore it.
  • ZaCkOX
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    I would take the stationary bike any day, even considering I had both. Treadmill can be a pain in the *kitten* and some the belts don't stay straight for a long time. I was heavy and needed the bike for my knees. If you want a good workout, just go fast, if you can go too fast, incline it up until you get tired.
  • MrsMizart
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    Thank you all :-)

    I've ordered a treadmill and a cross-trainer. They were both in sales so if I don't get on with the I can sell them on.

    I didn't used to like treadmills until I used one at my current client's site and realised that I can run further on that than on the road, plus my wonky leg didn't complain.

    Bought the cross-trainer to have an alternative work out option.

    D (hubby) will have one of the bike stand thingies, to use his road bike inside in the winter (due to him having a wonky knee), and he's said I can use it with my bike, so that's the bike sorted.

    Just realised it would be brill for days like today. The mother-in-law is visiting so I feel a bit off going out for a bumble, but being able to nip upstairs or downstairs, don't know yet where this lot will live, there's some choices, would be less like I'm leaving her to it. Did that a lot when I had rideable horse :noway:
  • LoneWolfRunner
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    I run outside all winter... unless the temp drops below zero... then I resign myself to the treadmill
  • MrsMizart
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    That sounds like a good general plan - run outside unless weather conditions or other variables are against it, in which case swap to the treadmill.

    My eighty-five year old m-i-l is going to have a go on it (so long as it will go slow enough)!
  • Curtruns
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    I run outside unless it is icy or I see lightning!!! Can't show off these legs in the house!!

    I refuse to purchase a stationary bike or treadmill as they always seem to end up being expensive clothes racks (maybe it me)

    If you run outside in below freezing temperatures, keep in mind your "gel" shoes do not cushion as well in those conditions.
  • LoneWolfRunner
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    Yeah...lightning...I forgot about that...I don't do lightning either... my shoes don't have any cushioning so I don't need to worry about anything freezing...
  • fabnine
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    Every year I say this will be the year I toughen up, ignore the weather, and run outdoors all winter.

    Haven't done it yet.

    This year. Definitely this year I keep running through winter...
  • I a mountain/hybrid bike and an indoor trainer, and I can ride outdoors or indoors. Powerwalking/jogging/running works on the treadmill too. I like being outdoors too.