When to eat after workout......???

tinuz Posts: 1,123 Member
When do you guys have a meal after a workout session.

when at work (i work on an offshore vessel) i workout in the morning and within an hour i'm having my breakfast.
just a sandwich or fruit.......nothing fancy
Not sure if it's oke to eat "straight" after a workout session
Just curious what other people do.....


  • Mpalamar
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    I can say I do roughly the same, as I am tight for time in the AM - I will get up, have my coffee (a nice caffeine boost before working out is helpful) then I work out for half an hour. Take my shower and then eat my breakfast. I give myself that 15 mins of shower time in between working out and eating. But that's about the extent of it :)
  • crescentgaia
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    From my Googling and reading here on MFP articles, you're supposed to eat within a half hour to a hour after a workout. So it sounds like you have a good plan already, OP. :)
  • Francl27
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    Whenever I get hungry.
  • marissanik
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    I'm up at 5am for the gym, have a banana, get there for 5:30am. Do my workout, out by 6:30am. Immediately drink my protein shake. Wait until 8 or 9 and make breakfast!
  • tinuz
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    Thanks guys.....
  • bwogilvie
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    Unless you're an athlete doing several hours of training a day, it really doesn't matter.

    If you are, then you probably have a nutritionist telling you what to do. :smile: