I got engaged!

I got engaged the 8th! :) Soooo, you know what that means?! "Operation Fit Bride" is in full effect. I need to lose a LOT of weight. There won't be a fat bride walking down that aisle, no ma'am! Lolz. I would love to make new friends, and motivate each other. Please, feel free to add me. I'm 325 right now, OUCH! I am aiming for a 100 pound loss, with 25 pounds goals. Once I get to 225, we'll work it out from there. I have an elliptical, treadmill, weights & plenty of wii fit games at home, so I have NO excuses. Riiight?!?!



  • NessaReh85
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    Congratulations on the engagement!!!

    I know what you mean. I have an Ab Lounge, exercise bike and the wii fit and I still seem to find excuses. Mainly I dont have the room to get it all out LOL. I will gladly help keep your motivation up. Feel free to add me if you would like. #OperationFitBride :) I like that!
  • adopp062715
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    I'm on #operationfitbride as well. I don't have as much weight to lose but I have a lot. Enough to make me feel completely overwhelmed! Feel free to add me !
  • BlondeButtercup127
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    No excuses!! :wink:
    Congratulations!!!! :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • GretchenReine
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    Congratulations! How exciting! I love the name Operation Fit Bride! LOL Have you set a date yet?
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    Congrats on the engagement! Love your pictures! Beautiful smile! Your going to look amazing on your wedding day no matter what with a smile like that!:) Good Luck with your planning!:)
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    Wooohooo congrats! :flowerforyou:

    I'm doing #operationfitbride and I'm not even engaged...yet. But I want to be ready!

    You got this! Take it one day at a time, set a reasonable deficit, and enjoy the journey.
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    I am definitely here to support if you need some friends! My wedding is coming up in March so sweating for the wedding is in full effect.
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    Congratulations! How exciting! I love the name Operation Fit Bride! LOL Have you set a date yet?

    Thanks! I'm still all giddy... 10 days later! Lolz.

    No, we haven't set a date yet. We've been together almost 5 years come October, so it sort of feels like we're married already. Hehe.
  • lorigem
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    I didn't meet my goals by my wedding day 2 years ago :( But I aim to look fantabulous by our 5th wedding anniversary where I plan to take a whole new set of wedding photos :) Good luck meeting your goals! Small ones along the way are so much better than the long-term one. You can do it!
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    Congratualtions on the wedding! You can do it! I am also trying to lose weight for a wedding (not mine, my best friends and then a few months later my cousin's). I'm looking for people to motivate me too, so feel free to add me :)
  • Congratulations! Enjoy every moment. :)
  • El_Cunado
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    Congratulations on your engagement and good luck on your weight loss goals. :drinker:
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    Congratulations on getting engaged! I love the #operationfitbride. Good luck and feel free to add for motivation and support!
  • heyitsnicolelee
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    Congratulations!! I have a similar weight loss goal, so feel free to add me for support! Best of luck.
  • sugarstrawberries
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    Congratulations! I came to lol at your graphic. I like yelling, "What's in the box?!" at boxes.
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    #sweatingforthewedding :)
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    Congratulations !! For a second there, I thought you were going to marry Brad Pit.
    So that would have been the reason for them postponing their wedding....
    Good luck on your mission!